Tim Scott Hits Back Against Bigoted NAACP Leader

Posted: Feb 12, 2014 8:48 AM
Tim Scott Hits Back Against Bigoted NAACP Leader

Last night on Fox News' Hannity, Republican Senator Tim Scott responded to North Carolina NAACP Leader William Barber after he doubled down on comments he made calling Scott a "dummy." Fox News Contributor, radio host and tea party leader David Webb traveled to North Carolina over the weekend to confront Barber, who refused to apologize. In addition, supporters of Barber laughed out loud at the idea Barber's comments were inappropriate. National leaders at the NAACP have refused to comment, despite Scott being the first African-American Senator since Reconstruction.

"I gotta tell you, the bottom line for me is that unfortunately Rev. Barber's comments can go uncontested by too many leaders without any question. My focus has always been on the opportunities that this country has afforded me," Scott said. "I've been an elected Republican for 18 years now and unfortunately, I say unfortunately, I've had the opportunity to hear really abrasive comments toward me, insulting comments toward me, and Sean this is what really gets under my skin a little bit, is the fact that we have kids all over this country that are listening to these so-called leaders talking about other leaders and unfortunately what those kids walk away with is that 'if I step out of line, if I think for myself, if I'm not a part of a monolithic thinking community that I'm somehow ostracized, kicked out and not relevant to the future of that community."

Scott also said the left's self appointment as the compassionate side of the political aisle is "inconsistent with reality."

Thanks to RightSightings for the video.