NAACP Leader Defends Calling Senator Tim Scott a "Dummy"

Posted: Feb 11, 2014 8:59 AM

North Carolina NAACP leader William Barber is defending remarks he made about South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. In January, Barber said Scott is a dummy and implied Scott isn't "black enough" because of his ties to the Tea Party.

"A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy," Barber said. "The extreme right wing down here (in South Carolina) finds a black guy to be senator and claims he's the first black senator since Reconstruction and then he goes to Washington, D.C., and articulates the agenda of the tea party."

Leaders from the national NAACP have refused to comment on Barber's remarks.

Conservative David Webb went to North Carolina over the weekend to confront Barber, who said it is his duty to "tell the truth" about people like Scott, who is the first black Senator since Reconstruction. Webb also asked attendants at a march organized by the NAACP why they think the Tea Party is racist. As usual, marchers couldn't give any specific examples.

Senator Scott responded to Barber's initial comments last week on Greta Van Susteren's show, saying the left is terrified of black conservatives.

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