WATCH: Why Hillary Should Be Worried About New Poll Numbers

Guy Benson
Posted: May 20, 2016 2:55 PM
WATCH: Why Hillary Should Be Worried About New Poll Numbers

As Catherine will address is greater detail later this afternoon, the internal data of the Fox News survey we cited yesterday shows that US voters side with Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton on the top two issues they prioritize: The economy and national security. We discussed the poll on Outnumbered this afternoon, where I noted that even within several issue areas where Clinton enjoys an advantage -- social issues and foreign policy -- she is ripe for attack (via Right Sightings):

As I point out, a robust case can be advanced that Hillary is a cynical opportunist on gay rights, and a true radical on abortion -- plus, she quarterbacked a disastrous Obama foreign policy, having supported the horrible Iran deal and spearheading the Libya debacle. Trump fans are obviously delighted by these new numbers, but I also mentioned a fresh New York Times/CBS News poll that shows Clinton leading the presumptive GOP nominee by six points nationally. That's a fairly healthy margin, but it's nonetheless diminished from the previous poll in that series, which measured a ten-point Hillary advantage.  Chip, chip, chip...