Four Reasons Why Conservatives Should Vote Today

Guy Benson
Posted: Nov 04, 2014 8:00 AM
Four Reasons Why Conservatives Should Vote Today

Millions of Americans have already cast their ballots in absentee and early voting, but most of the electorate will pull levers, check boxes, or touch screens today. As the 2014 election cycle draws to a close, here are four reasons why conservatives ought to get out and vote:

(1) Civic Duty: We are blessed to live in a democratic republic, where the principle of 'one person, one vote' is sacrosanct, even if it's not always flawlessly upheld.  Unlike in some other Western democracies, voting isn't compulsory.  Only those who care enough to show up enjoy the privilege of influencing outcomes and shaping history.  If you're someone who bemoans voter fraud (which isn't as pervasive as some fear, but by no means a "myth"), the best thing you can do is to act as a counterweight by voting.  If you're someone who laments the Left's manipulation of "low information voters," your best course of action is to do the requisite homework to become a high information voter and to exercise your rights.  If you're someone who's very dissatisfied with, or worried about, the direction of our nation's politics, vote.  "If you don't vote, you can't complain," is a technically-inaccurate cliche, but its spirit rings true.  Every two years, we have an opportunity to take direct action that expresses our feelings about the state of affairs in Washington and our state capitols.  Much blood has been spilled through the years to protect your right to do so.  Be grateful, be responsible, and seize that opportunity.  It really is the least we can do.

(2) Good Candidates Deserve Support, Bad Ones Deserve Opposition:  There are some high caliber individuals running for office this year, up and down the ballot.  These people have braved the ugly circus of American politics, opening up their lives, families and personal histories, to often-unseemly investigation and criticism.  Leaders like Scott Walker should be rewarded to their principles and courage.  Candidates like Joni Ernst and Cory Gardner have run hard, strong races in purple states, weathering blow after blow from deep-pocketed attackers.  Warriors like Tom Cotton and Dan Sullivan have risked life and limb for our country, and are now seeking to serve in another important capacity.  These men and women have earned the support of patriots.  On the other side of the ledger, some candidates' behavior should be punished by voters.  Florida's Charlie Crist has switched parties twice in four years, shape-shifting for the sole, overriding purpose of benefitting the political career of Charlie Crist.  Mary Landrieu is insulting Louisiana voters though non-sequitur charges of racism and sexism to explain away her electoral shortcomings.  Kay Hagan's misplaced priorities have led to the enrichment of her family and the swelling of her campaign coffers, at the expense of good governance.  Mark Udall's birth control obsession has been "obnoxious" and "insulting."  Greg Orman's hopes rest on Democratic disenfranchisement and voters' acceptance of empty pablum and evasions.  And Wendy Davis is, bluntly put, a bad person.  Also, for every conservative that chooses not to vote, Democrats get a bonus windfall that aids their hideous fear-mongering, base-motivation tactics.  Act accordingly, conservative voters.

(3) President Obama's Policies Are on the Ballot.  He's said so himself, just as he's asserted that the vulnerable Democrats feigning "independence" from him are, in fact, reliable allies for his agenda: Well over $7 trillion in new debt.  Obamacare, which is not "working" and is not "affordable."  Weakness and equivocation abroad.  Insults to allies, emboldenment of enemies.  Corruption and abusive recriminations at home.  Big, bloated, unresponsive, incompetent government.  Bumbling foreign policy amateurism.  And shockingly terrible priorities.  If you're among the majority of Americans (and the overwhelming super majority of conservatives) who disapproves of this president's job performance, there's only one way to send a message to the bare-knuckles Chicago-school Obama machine that they cannot ignore.  And that's to deliver electoral blows to the party Obama leads:

(4) Demote Harry Reid.  Nevada Senator Harry Reid has been one of the most malignant political forces in recent memory.  He's abused his powers as majority leader to obstruct votes and amendment processes in order to crush good ideas that offend the White House's political program. He's (twice) blown up decades of precedent by changing Senate rules to grease the skids for the president's most radical appointees.  He casually smears people from the floor of the Senate, where he's immune from any repercussions.  He's breathtakingly cynical, he engineers and presides over derelict governance, and he lies with relish.  This man has richly earned a demotion from American voters: