MSNBC Analyst: 1st Shot at Brown Was Legitimate, the Rest Were Not

Posted: Aug 15, 2014 12:21 PM

We've heard the "all he was trying to do was get iced tea and Skittles" narrative before. Now we got the "gentle giant" just choking out a convenience store employee for a little ol pack of cigarillos.

The folks at MSNBC are scrambling to put their "gentle giant" narrative back together after the news broke this morning about Michael Brown's robbery and attempt to grab a cop's gun. What's interesting is that MSNBC are holding tight to all parts of the narrative put forth by Brown's thug buddy and fellow thief that were not debunked by this new bit of information. James Cavanaugh's (MSNBC law enforcement analyst) justifying the first shot is him having to deal with the new information that Brown reached for the cop's gun. Cavanaugh's condemning the rest of the shots takes into account Brown's friend who said that the "gentle giant" was just out for a peaceful walk and threw his hands in the air when the cop pulled his gun. We've seen this played-out many times before. The race-hustlers keep stepping in it, but the payout must be worth the humiliation.