WATCH: Trump Stops Hispanic Heritage Speech to Greet Medal of Honor Recipient

Posted: Oct 06, 2017 6:30 PM
WATCH: Trump Stops Hispanic Heritage Speech to Greet Medal of Honor Recipient

President Trump recognized Hispanic Heritage month with an event at the White House Friday. He reflected on his recent trip to Puerto Rico, noting that the island has a "long road to recovery ahead," but "its people are proud and they are resilient, and they will come back strong." He offered the same hope for the people of Mexico as they rebuild after last month's devastating earthquake. Thousands of rescue workers are currently in both Puerto Rico and Mexico providing aid.

"We will not rest until that job is done," Trump said.

The president then took some time to thank Hispanic Americans for their contributions.

From our earliest days, Hispanic Americans have enriched our country and helped shape our history. Their contributions, through the generations, to art and music and literature, to science, scholarship, and exploration, are extraordinary.

The spirit and creativity that shines through Hispanic heritage is woven into the very fabric of our great nation. Our amazing Hispanic American communities embody our great American values of faith, and family, and security, and hard work, and freedom.

Trump was in the middle of saying a few words about the 60 Hispanic Americans who have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their battlefield bravery, when he noticed one of those individuals was there in the room.

“The Medal of Honor – that’s the big deal," the president said after shaking the recipient's hand. "Thank you for being here. We appreciate it.” 

Not a bad interruption.