Flynn's Son Condemns 'Disinformation' Campaign Against His Father

Posted: Feb 14, 2017 10:30 AM
Flynn's Son Condemns 'Disinformation' Campaign Against His Father

Michael Flynn Jr., son to now former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who resigned amidst controversy on Monday, took to defending his dad on Twitter. Flynn was charged with talking to Russia about easing sanctions on the government before President Trump took office. Flynn then reportedly lied about his conversations with the Kremlin when Vice President Pence asked him for clarification.

The reports seem damning, and even Flynn admitted in his resignation to providing "incomplete information" to the White House. Yet, Flynn Jr. says his father's integrity has been tainted by "disinformation."

“The disinformation campaign against my father won #AmericaFirst #USA #Flynn #FlynnResignation,” he tweeted on Tuesday morning.

It remains to be seen exactly what information he believes was false.

As for the Trump administration, their waffling back and forth on Flynn's future in the White House did not help matters. On Monday evening, Kellyanne Conway said the president had confidence in Flynn, yet just a few hours later Press Secretary Sean Spicer ominously said Trump was "evaluating" the situation.

Following Flynn's exit, Democrats are demanding an investigation into his relationship with the Russians.