Bryan Cranston Gives President Trump Advice While Accepting His SAG Award

Posted: Jan 30, 2017 8:00 AM
Bryan Cranston Gives President Trump Advice While Accepting His SAG Award

Actor Bryan Cranston is perhaps most well known for the 5 years he spent playing Walter White on the critically acclaimed AMC series "Breaking Bad," a performance for which he won multiple awards. Yet, his most recent win came Sunday night at the Screen Actor's Guild award ceremony for his performance as Lyndon B. Johnson in the HBO film "All the Way."

Instead of just saying his thank yous, however, Cranston also weighed in on the 45th president. He shared with the audience what he thinks President Johnson would have whispered in Trump's ear had they had a chance to meet.

Judging by how Trump dismissed Streep's outburst ("over-rated actress"), some Twitter users predicted how the president will respond to Cranston's little speech.

Several Hollywood figures have used the stage this past year to criticize candidate and now President Trump, such as Meryl Streep, who took time out of her Golden Globes speech to lambaste him for his rhetoric and policies. 

When "The Stranger Things" actor David Harbour accepted his show's award Sunday night at the SAG awards, he was a little less subtle in his criticism of President Trump. He blasted the president's recent executive order on immigration, insisting he will help "shelter freaks and outcasts" in its wake. The cast nodded their approval and the audience gave him a rip roaring standing ovation.