2016 RACE ROUNDUP: Will the Polls be Proved Wrong Again?

Posted: Mar 15, 2016 3:30 PM
2016 RACE ROUNDUP: Will the Polls be Proved Wrong Again?

The latest primary polls indicate it will be another yuge night for frontrunner Donald Trump. The frontrunner is ahead in four of Tuesday’s five contests. Yet, in regards to Florida, Marco Rubio told the media this morning that they may be in for a bit of a surprise. We'll know in a few suspenseful hours.

Republican Primary

Donald Trump: Tuesday brought more good news for Trump as he won the Northern Mariana primary and broke 50 percent nationally for the first time. In other news, Mike Huckabee called Trump Hillary’s “worst nightmare." Some analysts predict that he is the reason Clinton may lose Ohio tonight, since many Democrats have admitted they will vote in the open Republican primary just to stop Trump.

Ted Cruz: Cruz has enjoyed massive crowds at his Illinois rallies this week. He continues to insist it’s time to narrow the field to a two-person race between him and Trump.  

Marco Rubio: Despite polls that say otherwise, Rubio is confident that he will be the victor in Florida tonight. A new national poll among Republicans, however, has him in last place among the final four contenders. Tonight may be make or break for the Florida senator.

John Kasich: Kasich admitted he “has to win” his home state tonight in order to have any fighting chance in the 2016 race. The recent RealClearPolitics average has him ahead of Trump by four points. The Ohio governor is currently trying to get on the ballot in Pennsylvania, where he failed to get enough signatures to qualify.

Democratic Primary

Hillary Clinton is trying to walk back several disastrous comments from Sunday’s Democratic town hall, including the moment she pledged to put coal miners and coal companies “out of business.” She is also facing heat for claiming we didn’t lose anyone in Libya. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is taking money from billionaires. The Vermont senator is giving Clinton some scary competition in at least three primary contests today. Can we expect another Michigan tonight?

Delegate Count

Republicans (1,237 needed to win):

Trump - 460

Cruz - 370

Rubio – 163

Kasich - 63

Dems (2,383 needed to win):

Clinton – 1,235

Sanders – 580

Primary/Debate schedule:

Tuesday – R/D primaries in Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina