Sanders Earns Major Endorsement at 'Critical' Time

Posted: Nov 12, 2015 10:15 AM
Sanders Earns Major Endorsement at 'Critical' Time

No I don't mean Ronda Rousey.

Former Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, needing to gain some of the momentum back in the 2016 election cycle after Hillary Clinton's rise in the polls, has just snagged a major endorsement from the American Postal Workers Union. The APWU represents over 200,000 current and former employees. Postal Workers President Mark Dimondstein explained why Sanders is their guy:

“Politics as usual has not worked. It’s time for a political revolution,” Postal Workers President Mark Dimondstein said in a statement, invoking the battle cry of the Vermont senator. “Bernie Sanders stands above all others as a true champion of postal workers and other workers throughout the country. He doesn’t just talk the talk. He walks the walk.”

The timing is "critical" for Sanders, considering Clinton has already earned the support of the National Education Association and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, ABC News explains.

Sanders is also playing catch up after Clinton has enjoyed a strong few weeks in the media. Her convincing debate performance and Vice President Joe Biden's decision to stay out of the race were the first bumps to her campaign. Then, she somehow managed to escape the Benghazi hearing unscathed, despite the committee uncovering another lie.  

Many pundits have dismissed Sanders as the eventual nominee because he is too far left for the majority of Americans. He acknowledges he is a democratic socialist. Yet, he seems to be gaining steam, especially after Larry David's spot-on impression of him on "Saturday Night Live." Some are going as far as to say the parody will directly help Sanders' campaign because it allowed viewers to get a better understanding of his policies and personality. 

The senator has also started to go on the offensive against Clinton regarding her email scandal. While he first insisted that no one cares about her "damn emails," he now is convinced the FBI has a right to investigate.

The second Democratic presidential debate takes place on CBS this Saturday at 9 p.m.