Pro-life Posters Get Vandalized at American University While Pro-life Pope is in Town

Cortney O'Brien
Posted: Sep 24, 2015 3:35 PM
Pro-life Posters Get Vandalized at American University While Pro-life Pope is in Town

The Golden Rule doesn’t seem to apply to all at Washington, D.C.’s American University. Wednesday night, members of the school’s College Republicans posted several anti-Planned Parenthood flyers around the school in an effort to encourage their fellow students to join the Defund Planned Parenthood fight. The group was urged to do so after Planned Parenthood's pro-abortion agenda was exposed in a new light by the Center for Medical Progress. They didn’t have much of a chance to get their message out, however. 

In a tweet (which has since been deleted), the AU Justice League posted a picture of someone gesturing with the middle finger in front of a pile of destroyed posters, accompanied with the following message:

“We had some fun with the college republican [sic] posters tonight. Let us know if we missed any guys!”

The CRs responded swiftly, first noting the Justice League’s stereotypical inaccuracies:

The first to engage was Andrew Magloughlin, president of the Students for Rand group at AU, who blasted the Justice League out for doing a “great job enforcing the patriarchy by referring to our entire aboard [sic] as ‘guys’ considering we're 5/9 female.”

Others defined the offensive act as cowardly, since the tweet was posted anonymously:

“Too scared to release your name?” taunted Tom Herbert, treasurer of American CR’s, prompting the group to reply, “we would also like to continue our efforts in the future, so revealing our names would be slightly contrary, doncha think?”

This gross vandalization occurred as Pope Francis is in town promoting the sanctity of life. In his speech to Congress Thursday morning, Francis declared that the Golden Rule extends to everyone, at every stage of life. I wonder what he would have to say to the AU students who showed no regard for the unborn when they tore down those powerful posters?

The stifling of free speech is unfortunately a common practice on today’s campuses. At Connecticut’s Wesleyan University, a newspaper with a 147-year-old history is under threat because one contributor dared to write an unflattering op-ed about the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Have an unpopular opinion? Keep your mouth shut.

Update: American Unviersity has responded to the unfortunate incident, remarking that the Justice League is not even a registered club at the school.