Mike Pence Demolishes Sen. Chris Murphy on Twitter

Posted: Jul 18, 2017 11:55 AM
Mike Pence Demolishes Sen. Chris Murphy on Twitter

An act in three parts, featuring Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT), played out on Twitter over the last few days.

VP Pence went first, posting a video of himself on Friday speaking about the (now dead) Senate health-care bill.

The next day, Sen. Murphy quote-tweeted Pence's video and said that there was a "real evil in the epidemic rate of lying" that is currently happening in Washington. 

To which Pence replied on Monday that the current Obamacare law contained quite a bit of lies and half-truths as well--namely, the 2013 PolitiFact Lie of the Year of "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor." For good measure, Pence also included the Pinocchio emoji of a face with a growing nose. 


While not quite admitting defeat, Murphy then thanked Pence for the reply, and claimed that pointing out that others lied too "isn't a defense." (Although one could say it's at least progress now that Democrats are admitting that people lied during the leadup to the passage of Obamacare.)

Who knew VP Pence could be that intense on Twitter?