Miss USA Clarifies Healthcare, Feminism Comments

Posted: May 16, 2017 5:45 PM
Miss USA Clarifies Healthcare, Feminism Comments

After a day of mild outrage, Miss USA Kara McCullough has clarified her comments regarding healthcare and feminism. Now, she says that she believes that healthcare is in fact a right, and that she was viewing the question from her own perspective. McCullough also attempted to walk back her comments on feminism, saying that in her workplace, men and women are treated as equals and she believes that women do have the same rights as men.

"I am privileged to have health care and I do believe that it should be a right," McCullough said on "Good Morning America" Tuesday. "I hope and pray moving forward that health care is a right for all worldwide."

She continued, "I just want people to see where I was coming from. Having a job, I have to look at health care like it is a privilege."

I mean, this is fine, I guess, but America really shouldn't be seeking political advice from a beauty queen. This Miss USA is a scientist, not a politician. And that's perfectly okay! The pageant is over. She won. There's no need to backtrack anything or even ask her to clarify comments. The politicization of everything is out of control.