Seriously: WaPo Thinks O'Malley's Biceps Are A Game Changer

Posted: Jun 16, 2015 11:00 AM

When most people think of a game changer in an election, they think of some epic campaign speech, debate performance or some new unexpected scandal.

One Washington Post reporter, however, thinks that a game changer is.... Martin O' Malley's biceps:

Of course, it's no longer the headline of the story:

It's only slightly less stupid than the original headline.

The story itself reads like a teenage girl covering a male beauty pageant:

O’Malley in all his shirtless glory is alive and well-toned in photos snapped when he was Maryland’s governor, and those images are circulating with renewed vigor as he seeks the White House.

There he was wading into the ocean at a 2012 charity event, then a beaming 49-year-old with taut abs and sculpted biceps. There he was in a swimming pool juggling beach balls, his buff physique the envy of any middle-aged stooge.

O’Malley’s campaign is not touting photos of his un-dad-like bod, preferring images of him plucking a guitar or appearing to contemplate grander horizons. But the former governor’s pectorals, perhaps unwittingly, are another way to remind voters that he’s considerably younger than a certain 67-year-old former first-lady-turned-senator-turned-secretary-of-state.

A story like this is why Mark Levin calls them The Washington ComPost.

h/t:Weasel Zippers