LISTEN: Idaho GOP Rep. Receives Threatening Voicemails, Emails Because of This Facebook Post

Posted: Jul 08, 2018 12:40 PM

Last weekend, the Idaho Republican Party held their annual convention. One of the main speakers during the event was newly-elected NRA President Oliver North. Naturally, Oliver's presence brought gun control proponents out to protest. 

During one of the convention's breaks, Idaho State Rep. Priscilla Giddings (R) walked outside and noticed a group of protestors calling for gun control. Giddings read their signs and decided to pose for a picture with them. She then shared the following post on Facebook:

Little did the girls in the picture know that Giddings, a former combat pilot and current major in the Air Force Reserves, utilized firearms during multiple deployments in the Middle East. The most ironic sign of them all was the one girl's call to ban...artillery.

"When I saw the gun control signs my interest was piqued," Giddings told Townhall. "I'm a very strong supporter of guns and the Second Amendment."

Giddings, who recently published a book about empowering woman, saw an opportunity to talk to these young women. Her book details her military experience as a fighter pilot.

"The people in the Middle East, they're not allowed to have guns. The Taliban controls all of them," she said. "I think about that, about fighting for freedom. Freedom isn't free, but what does that mean? My friends have given up their lives for freedom, for free speech."

Giddings said she sees these women as the future of America.

"Women are the future for making decisions for our country. We have to respect our Second Amendment rights because without the Second Amendment we wouldn't have the First [Amendment]," Giddings said.

Giddings carries a 30mm casing with her, because it saved her life overseas. 

"I always share what my 30mm bullet looks like. All of my constituents have seen it," she said. "I was the only woman in the Fighter Training Unit. I didn't think I was doing well but then I won the 'Top Gun' award. I got closer to my target than any of the men."

Giddings said the 30mm casing is symbolic of freedom in America, particularly because the average citizen in the Middle East doesn't have the opportunity — or ability — to defend themselves against terrorists, like the Taliban.

"My 30mm bullet is a tool of symbolism," she said.

While Giddings says she stands with the young women and will defend their right to free speech, she said she hopes they can gain a greater understanding of the Second Amendment, which is what was meant by her post.

The Threats

The post made its way around social media. Reporters throughout the state even threw their two cents in:

Of course, Progressives were quick to run with the post:

Former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, even tweeted about the occurrence.

Since then, Giddings has received various threats. There are so many that she has yet to read them all.

Here are just a few:

Giddings received a number of vile Facebook messages. Ironically, most of them involved threats of her being assassinated...with a gun.

How is an empty shell casing threatening?

What does an empty shell casing have to do with racism?

But it's a casing, meaning that it's empty.

Pretty sure this constitutes a threat on a public official's life.

In addition to threats made via email and Facebook, Giddings also received numerous voicemail messages:

Although Rep. Giddings didn't go into detail about her 30mm shell on her Facebook post, people could have taken the time to ask her what was so special about the casing and why she wanted to show it to these young women.

The people who sent Giddings threatening emails, Facebook posts and even voicemails are rather ironic. These are people who are in favor of gun control...yet they wish she was killed...with a gun. All because they didn't read her words closely and see she was talking about an empty shell casing. 

Empty. Shell. Casing. 

Isn't this supposed to be the tolerant Left, the ones who are all about standing together, holding hands and singing kumbaya? 

Apparently violence is okay, as long as it's against someone on the Right.