Viewers Complain 'Family Feud' Is Getting Too 'Filthy'

Posted: Aug 22, 2018 3:15 PM
Viewers Complain 'Family Feud' Is Getting Too 'Filthy'

Loyal viewers of "Family Feud," a game show first introduced in the 1970s and currently hosted by Steve Harvey, have noticed the show take on a raunchier tone lately and have begun to complain.

They may have a point. The show is famous for contestants' wacky answers and their fun banter with the show's host, but some of the questions are eliciting some very edgy responses as of late. Heck, some of the questions themselves are R-rated.

"Tell me a word a married man would use to fill in the blank," Harvey asked the contestants on one episode. "I would blank for sex." 

Some of the correct answers included "pay," "lie," "beg," "kill" and "die." You read that right. The contestants and the host laughed at every answer and the audience cheered.

"Name something a man might have in his pocket when he's going on a hot date," Harvey asked on another episode in 2012. The answers included "condoms," "a sock," and "a 'pitched tent." I'll let you translate that last one.

Harvey could only shake his head and quip whether his predecessors dealt with such inappropriate rhetoric.

"When Richard Dawson did this show I never heard stuff like this."

Or how about the pastor who answered "their breast" when asked "What's something women like to squeeze?" 

Former "NCIS" star Pauley Perrette is one of those concerned viewers now criticizing the game show for being too "filthy."

Her tweet clearly hit a nerve with families because some other concerned viewers also spoke up.

Others, however, are downplaying the show's edgy humor, insisting "Family Feud" has been "risque since the 1980s."

Sure, the questions and answers can probably be toned down a bit, but can we talk about the bigger issue? Where do they find these survey takers? I don't mean the contestants...I mean those who take the surveys. The top six answers on the board are often...out in left field, maybe out in the parking lot.

Having said all that, "Family Feud" is still hilarious and offers up priceless moments like this and unique answers like this. Nothing is better than a Steve Harvey reaction.