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In Noah’s generation, the book of Genesis records that mankind had utterly corrupted God’s way. They were “filled with violence,” greatly wicked, with their thoughts and imaginations being “only evil continually.”  


God warned Noah of a flood that would destroy man and alter the Earth as it existed until that time. “Moved with fear,” Noah built an ark and warned his generation about “things not seen as yet” (Hebrews 11:7).

They didn’t listen. 

The flood came and went, and God instructed Noah to “be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,” exactly as He did the first man, Adam. Noah and his family were to be the beginning of a regenerated and repeopling of the Earth – the planet’s first and greatest-ever “reset.”  

God promised Noah, his sons, and “every living creature” … “for perpetual generations” that He would never destroy “all flesh,” or the Earth, again with a flood. The reminder? His “bow” in the clouds.

But many came to doubt that promise, according to Jewish historian Flavius Josephus in an account of the biblical story in his Antiquities of the Jews (93 AD). 

Thanks to the tyrannical influence of Noah’s great-grandson, Nimrod, Josephus wrote that “multitudes” were “ill-instructed” into having contempt for God. Repeating a narrative that submission to God was cowardice, Nimrod used exaggerated fears of a catastrophic flood to harness his power and to build a tower “whose top may reach to heaven” (Gen. 11:4).  

If He “should have a mind to drown the world again,” Josephus wrote of Nimrod’s intent, mankind would stand a better chance by working together rather than scattering to repeople the Earth. “… for that he [Nimrod] would build a tower too high for the waters to be able to reach! … and that he would avenge himself of God for destroying their forefathers!”


It worked.  

No pains were spared to create cutting-edge technologies – burnt brick “cemented together with mortar made of bitumen” – to build a tower designed to avert a climate disaster that, as God had promised, was never going to happen.   

The massive building project only stopped after God confused their language. The ancient skyscraper, a true marvel of that day, came to symbolize a giant middle finger to the Creator.

Fast forward to 2022.  

Despite the near-magical advance of human invention, the same rebel spirit that inspired the tower in the ancient city of Babel (eventually Babylon), thrives today. 

Unelected global elites, using fear and force, have big plans for the world. And, unless I missed it, submission to God is not in them.

Elite revolutionaries are working feverishly on cutting-edge technologies to avert a flood of climate catastrophes that, more than likely, will never happen. To save the planet, they’ve turned to the gods of “science” and money.  

“We are on a fast track to climate disaster,” said Antonio Guterres, UN General Secretary, in a video message to a panel on climate change in New York in April. “Major cities underwater. Unprecedented heatwaves. Terrifying storms. Widespread water shortages. The extinction of a million species of plants and animals. And this is not fiction or exaggeration. This is what science tells us will result from our current energy policies. …. This is a climate emergency.”


Leaders in governments, businesses, and global institutions who believe the planet has a better chance by working together have created a highly influential global movement to reconstruct “a better world” – a Great Reset.

Thanks to technology, the movement towers over anything the planet has ever seen (except the flood) in a global effort to remake the world.

These elites make up the world’s largest banks, pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, and international organizations, like the World Economic Forum, which partnered with the United Nations in 2019 to implement its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for Agenda 2030.  

Today, hundreds of the world’s largest corporations in finance, technology, media, credit cards, energy, food, heavy industry, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, consulting, and consumer goods, have signed pledges to be strategic partners in the movement.

Doing “voluntarily” what governments, by law, cannot do, unelected elites have implemented a scoring system called ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) that audits and measures the value of private companies – even whole countries – based primarily on their performance on climate change, social justice, and a more “inclusive capitalism.”

That means working to disinvest in fossil fuels, cutting gas-powered cars, and subsidizing wind, solar, and electric cars. It means fighting for social justice, and racial and gender equity, diversifying corporate boards by race and gender through DEI training, and taking a stand on transgender rights, voting laws, abortion, and gun control.  


Governments, universities, and private institutions have become so malignant with these ideas that the simplest things we know to do to get “back to normal” post-COVID, post-George Floyd, have never been more frustratingly difficult.

But “normal” is not part of the plan.

“Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal,” wrote Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum in his book COVID-19: The Great Reset. “The short answer is: never. Nothing will ever return to the ‘broken’ sense of normalcy that prevailed before the crisis because the coronavirus pandemic marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory.” 

The COVID pandemic, and all the record suffering and death that came with it, is never-ending because people like Schwab use it as a pretext to accelerate a “reset” of the world – “a time for reinvention” when “many things will change forever.”

“A new world will emerge,” Schwab wrote, “the contours of which are for us to both imagine and to draw.” The future is not just happening, he said at a Davos meeting in May. “The future is built by us. … we have the means to improve the state of the world ….”  

It would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that Schwab and a cabal of hydra-headed central planners have spared no expense to reimagine the world.  


“The sustainability revolution is the single, largest business and investing opportunity in the entire history of the world,” said climate crusader Al Gore, co-founder of the $36 billion investment firm, Generation Investment Management.  

And that’s not fiction.

In a 2021 Bloomberg report, ESG assets were tracked to surpass $50 trillion by 2025, which is more “than a third of the projected $140 trillion in total global assets under management.”   

But what globalists and Joe Biden sees as “an incredible transition,” people with common sense see global elites using a common woke language to create mass confusion – modern towers of babel: gender confusion, border confusion, confusion over fighting crime, energy confusion, confusion over race, confusion about history, confusion about the constitution and the rule of law, climate confusion, confusion over food production and supply chains, economic confusion, confusion over the legitimacy of the Judeo-Christian ethic, and confusion over the meaning of once-settled things, like the rainbow.  

Synchronized at a moment in history to deliberately demolish norms at the heart of Western democracies, global do-gooders have unleashed a brand of violence, wickedness, and “imaginations” reminiscent of the days of Noah and Nimrod.


While efforts to oppose this stuff should be big, bold, relentless, and never-ending, at this rate, it may require another divine intervention to break up the cabal of “ill-instructed” false prophets who toy around with the lives of billions, as if they are gods.  

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