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Trump is light years from being Jesus, but the hatred of his enemies has reached biblical proportions.  

Think about it.

When Jesus opened the eyes of the blind on the Sabbath Day, his accusers were so enraged that they missed the fact that – in all of human history – it had never been done before.   When Jesus hung out with the common people, his accusers called him a glutton and an alcoholic.   When he mesmerized “multitudes” with his speeches, his accusers twisted the meaning of his words in an effort to trap him with ecclesiastical riddles.


Finally, when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, his accusers hardened their resistance, dug up false witnesses with conflicting testimony, and instigated mobs of protesters to chant “Crucify him! Crucify him!” It didn’t matter that the prefect of Judaea, Pontius Pilate, repeatedly told them that Jesus was innocent; that he had broken no Roman laws.

What made them so cruel?   Because “this man does many miracles,” the chief priests and Pharisees said.  “If we leave him alone, all men will believe in him.”  And if “all men” believed in him, the establishment would lose power.

Like Jesus’s accusers, Trump’s accusers lust for power.  Under the pretense of some righteous cause, they’re scorching the Earth to get it.  

“We owe it to the American people to be there for them,” Nancy Pelosi told New York Times columnist Paul Krugman recently.  “… [A]nd if there is some collateral damage for others who do not share our views, well, so be it …”

Lincoln warned us against giving power to people who want it so badly that they would just as willingly get it by doing harm as by doing good.  When they can’t get power by building up, he said, they set boldly to the task of tearing down.  They thirst for power, “whether at the expense of emancipating slaves or enslaving freemen.”

That’s happening now.   Power is what all the political noise has been about since presidential power transitioned to Donald Trump.  


Out-of-power Democrats, Leftist “protesters,” and all sorts of Trump-hating political misfits smell blood.   They are so focused on destroying Trump that they’re blind to the long list of history-making feats he’s performed in such a remarkably short time.

If his accomplishments are not political miracles – given the historic odds against him – I’m not sure what to call them.   

But his accusers shrug off the “miracles” because they’ve hypnotized themselves to believe he’s a fearmongering race-baiter who hates women, homosexuals, Muslims, Mexicans and blacks.   

If he’s all these things, they say, then he’s evil.  If he’s evil, then the country is in a crisis and extraordinary measures must be taken to resist him.  They’re in a collective trance.  

“This is an emergency,” they repeat like stiff-legged, glazy-eyed zombies.  “We must save America from Trump and the Republicans. Save America.  Save America.   Save America.”

It doesn’t matter that the labels are lies.  Attempts at reasoned debate don’t matter. Civility doesn’t matter.  The fact that Trump has broken no laws doesn’t matter.

That’s why our heads explode when we hear good people on TV struggling to reason with Trump’s accusers.   They have a puritanical ideology that opposes and punishes all heretics.  They don’t want civil discourse.  They want Trump’s political crucifixion.


“Impeach him!  Impeach him!”

Something deep is happening.   Something pathological; a dark, blinding, biblical hatred – like Jesus’s accusers.  If you’re a “Jesus accuser,” you’re not only bent on destroying the accused, but you excuse any Barabbas who revels in your hatred.

How else can you explain the cock-eyed reactions to Kanye, Kavanaugh, Kaepernick, and the crazed KKK-like protesters?

Kanye West wears a MAGA hat, extolls masculinity, revels in free speech, supports the 2nd Amendment, and Trump’s accusers elevate the discourse by calling him a “token Negro,” “mentally ill,” an “attention whore,” a “traitor to his race,” a “disappointment to his deceased mother,” and proof of what happens when “Negroes don’t read.”   

Brett Kavanaugh was No. 1 at Yale, an academic acrobat when applying old Constitutional cases to new circumstances; a strong family man, an entrenched volunteer, and a consistent advocate for appointing women to the courts.  Yet, Trump’s accusers saturated the “Court of Public Opinion” with false witnesses against this good man.  We’re now supposed to believe he’s a gang rapist, a pathological liar, a symbol of white male privilege, and a closet alcoholic with anger issues.  He’s collateral damage.

Then there’s Colin Kaepernick. He dishonors the national anthem while on the job, wears socks to work that depict police as pigs, and praises the murderous Marxist revolutionary, Che Guevara.  For that, he is hailed as a pillar of modern courage.  Kaepernick is so lavished in praise that he’s become bigger than the exaggerated cause he claimed to champion.


Finally, deranged political mobs who use KKK intimidation tactics to oppose Trump have been crowned as the noble enforcers of the political faith for power-blind Democrat politicians.  The media fully supports and protects the “passion” of these mobs, while excoriating the “cruelty” of Trump supporters for pretending to drink imaginary liberal tears from a coffee mug.

But Americans aren’t stupid. Trump supporters aren’t stupid.  We’ve known from the beginning that Trump is no Jesus. It’s just that his enemies are so much worse that they make him look like a saint.  But though he’s not a saint, he’s been a very unlikely political “savior” of sorts.  

Before Trump, corrosive liberal policies, rabid Leftists, and timid Republican politicians allowed our social, economic and political structures to be infested with such institutional rot, that it was impossible to see how America could be itself again.   

At midterm, America is greening again.  

Pay no attention to the little men and women behind the curtains, feverishly pushing buttons and pulling levers to portray this large, loud, scary image that they can’t be opposed – no matter how wrong they are.

We call them “Trump’s accusers,” but if Trump were not the target, others would be.  In the end, it’s not Trump who we voted for; it’s the issues he stood for that most represented what we believe about this great country.  You can’t impeach that.  


This midterm, we will pull the levers and push the buttons – not for Trump, per se – but for those beliefs.

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