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The Russians Are Coming...Or Are They?

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“The Russians are coming…the Russians are coming! Run for your life!” At least that's what Obama is telling us.

But it’s not just Obama and Democrats blaming Russia for everything from hacking, to interfering in the presidential election, to helping elect Donald Trump. It’s also the CIA and other government agencies. It’s also the establishment RINO’s like John McCain and Lindsay Graham.

Should we believe them? Could they have ulterior motives and conflicts of interest? Even if it’s true, does it matter? Or is this one big WMD (Weapon of Mass Distraction)?

Could all these politicians and government hacks just be jealous that Trump has brought more jobs back to America in the past month than Obama or Congress did in the past 8 years- and he’s not even president yet!

Could they be jealous that The U.S. Small Business Optimism Index surged after Trump’s election to the highest levels since 1980? Three times more small business owners think it's time to expand than at any time in the past eight years of Obama. 

There are a lot of bitter, jealous politicians in D.C. Could they want revenge against Trump, the anti-politician? Are they trying to distract us from the truth about their own failures and incompetence?

It was painful to watch the recent Senate Armed Services Committee hearing chaired by Senator McCain titled “Foreign Cyber Threats to the United States.” It should have been called, ”A hit job hearing on Russian hacking to de-legitimize the election of Donald Trump.”

Testifying before the committee were three of Obama’s handpicked lackeys. Their conclusion? Surprise, surprise: “the Russians were out to get Donald Trump elected.” Are you kidding me? The Russians and the rest of the world’s bad state actors have had a free-roll field day with Obama in charge and certainly looked forward to another eight years of the same with Obama's lackey Hillary Clinton.

If the Russians did have anything to do with the release of the Hillary, Podesta and DNC emails, they (like the media and political establishment) expected Hillary to be elected and did it solely to embarrass her. They certainly didn’t do it to help elect President Trump, who will stand up to them and “make America great again.”

Eventually they would have used the information obtained from the 32,000 deleted Hillary emails to blackmail her as president. And you’re trying to convince us they wanted to elect Trump as president? Really?

These hearings were embarrassing on multiple levels. Cyber security was made to look like it was a new threat to America, just as Trump is about to take over the presidency. Anyone who reads a newspaper or watches the news knows hacking and cyber stealing have been going on for years. Yet Hillary prepared for it with a private server in her bathroom closet? She’s not a “victim.” She’s the patsy. Hackers have waited their entire lives for a Secretary of State this ignorant and incompetent. That's what the hearings should have been about.

As far as the hacks of Podesta and the DNC, shouldn’t we care what was found, rather than how it was found? Wikileaks proved Hillary’s crew stole the Democrat presidential primary from Bernie Sanders. That was one of a hundred nasty revelations. The hearings should have focused on Democrats stealing elections, not on who did the hacking.

By the way, when a man is caught cheating on his wife, because the wife is spying on him, or tapping his phone, does society blame the wife for daring to spy on her husband? Last I checked it's the guy who is cheating who gets in trouble. So why are we blaming the Russians for disclosing nasty revelations. We should be blaming the people who did the bad stuff.

Here was another strange aspect of the hearings- more "Weapons of Mass Distraction." You’d have to be truly naïve to think the Russians and Chinese (as well as our allies including Israel, Britain, Germany, and France) don’t have access to much, if not most of our so-called government secrets. So this is all much ado about nothing. And, don’t doubt for a minute that the biggest hacker and cyber stealer of them all are the U.S. intelligence agencies complaining about it at the hearings.

But, what was truly embarrassing was listening to GOP Senator McCain and his sidekick Lindsay Graham praise the intelligence agencies. They must have had their heads buried in the sand for the past eight years. Is it possible they missed the fact that Obama totally politicized every single agency of the U.S. government? Did they somehow miss the corruption and scandals at the IRS, State Department, DOJ, EPA, Immigration and on and on? Do they somehow think Obama didn’t stack the intelligence agencies with the same corrupt leadership and employees as he did with these other agencies to ensure so-called “intelligence” to suit his political objectives?

Lastly, Obama claims Russia attempted to influence the election. Last I checked, Obama tried to influence elections all over the world- including Israel, Brexit in the UK and Canada. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

On January 20th we will swear in a new president. I couldn’t be more proud or optimistic that we have elected the right man to put adults back in charge of our government, drain the swamp and “Make America Great Again.”

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