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Dark Horse Picks For Trump: Joe Lieberman And Ted Cruz

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Here are two high profile, “outside-the-box,” get-your-attention picks for Donald Trump’s administration: Joe Lieberman and Ted Cruz

First, forget Mitt Romney. Lose him like a bad case of the flu. Mitt is bad karma. He didn’t just not vote for Trump, he actively tried to humiliate and destroy Trump. He denigrated Trump. He was jealous, vicious and hateful towards Trump- a very bad combination.  He called a press conference with one purpose: to bad mouth Trump. He called Trump a "con man, phony and fraud.” 


The millions of Americans who believed in Trump…who fought for Trump…who defended Trump against Republican traitors like Mitt…who put our credibility and Republican credentials on the line…who stuck with him through thick and thin...who bled for Trump...would be offended by Mitt Romney’s selection for any major position.

Rudy Guliani, John Bolton or General David Petraeus would all be great choices. All these great patriots are a breath of fresh air compared to the last eight years of Obama, Hillary and John Kerry.

But here’s a new name to consider for Secretary of State--former independent United States Senator and Democrat VP nominee Joe Lieberman. 

Here are some serious reasons in favor of Joe Lieberman being named President-elect Donald Trump's surprise choice at State:

First, Trump needs to expand the GOP tent for 2020. He needs to show he is the president of all Americans, not just Republicans. Lieberman is one Democrat (and the only one) I can live with. 

Second, Trump specifically needs to expand the GOP tent with Jewish voters. I am a proud Jewish Republican. The Jewish people are the perfect candidates for conversion to the GOP. Here’s the chance for Trump to make that case: Lieberman would become the first Jewish Secretary of State in the history of America.


Third, Lieberman is extremely qualified. He served 24 years in the Senate, taking a leading role in foreign affairs and national security. He loves America and of course our number-one ally, Israel. So Lieberman hits the ground running, knowledgeable and experienced on the issues on day one. 

Fourth, yes, Lieberman is liberal on many domestic issues, but those issues don’t effect the Secretary of State. Lieberman is a strong conservative when it comes to foreign policy, national security, terrorism and America’s support of Israel. Joe was the architect of the Dept. of Homeland Security and served as Chairman of that Committee. His background and views make him well liked and respected by conservatives.

Fifth, Lieberman is considered a strongly bi-partisan leader on foreign policy and defense issues, and even had the courage to take on his own party on these issues. 

That is precisely why Lieberman is respected by the mainstream media. That would make him possibly the only Trump cabinet member treated positively by the media. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one?

Lastly, Donald has a great opportunity with Lieberman to create a foreign policy consensus. Joe is extremely popular in the US Senate. And Joe has the ear of trump critics and GOP Senate leaders like John McCain and Lindsey Graham.


So Donald, please take a long serious look at Joe Lieberman.

Then we come to your first Supreme Court pick. This pick will brand your administration. It will make a huge difference for capitalism and patriotism for decades to come. 

Donald, I humbly suggest Ted Cruz. 

Cruz is a high-profile principled conservative and Constitutionalist. Yes, he was your rival for the GOP presidential nomination. Who cares? That makes him the second most popular GOP vote-getter in America. Cruz had the support of most “pure” conservatives. Many of them became “never Trump-ers.” Some of them eventually came around and voted for you (but without much enthusiasm). This is your opportunity to turn them around, or solidify their support for 2020. They will love you forever for this pick.

More importantly, visualize the hatred liberals have for you Donald. This is your chance to return the favor. The ultra-left will never like or respect you. Never. Here is how to pay them back. 

They despise and fear a true principled conservative like Ted Cruz. Stick the knife in…and twist it. Make your enemies sick to their stomachs. Make Hollywood celebs really want to move to Canada. 


Oh and one more advantage Donald: eliminate your biggest competitor for 2020 by making him a Supreme Court justice.

So far President-elect Trump's top cabinet picks rate a home run. Here's two outside-the-box picks that elevate his performance to grand slam home run!

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