Branding Hillary Clinton

Posted: Apr 13, 2014 12:01 AM

Hillary Clinton just lost $6 billion of your taxpayer money. SIX BILLION. That’s billion with a "B." $6 billion is "unaccounted for" under her management at the State Department. More on that later.

First let’s look at the polls. Hillary Clinton is not only the frontrunner for President…it isn’t even close. Democrats think she's a lock to be their nominee. I'm about to prove she isn't a savior, her candidacy can be destroyed with branding.

This is the branding opportunity of a lifetime for the GOP. Hillary isn’t formidable or unbeatable. If the GOP had even a clue about branding, they'd understand that Hillary is radioactive.

This is such a great opportunity for the GOP because Hillary is the "A Team." There is no "B Team." There is no bench. It’s Hillary or bust for the Democratic Party in 2016. She has a 61-point lead- the biggest lead in Democratic presidential poll history.

Destroy Hillary now and it’s over. What are the Democrats left with? "Crazy Joe" Biden? Elizabeth "I swear I’m an American Indian" Warren? Take Hillary down now, before she gets started and the GOP is in the drivers seat for 2016.

I travel the world lecturing about branding. I recently returned from a 16-day, 4-city tour of South Africa where I taught "Branding, American Style." I’ve sold many millions of dollars of different products on TV, radio, infomercials and web. I understand branding.

Branding works. Ask Mitt Romney about that. "Team Obama" poisened Mitt Romney’s brand early in 2012. He never recovered.

But hey, that’s okay. All is fair in love, war and politics. That’s what branding is for. So what is the GOP waiting for? Hillary (just like Mitt) is a big fat sitting duck. Hillary is a Republican brander expert's dream.

The Democrats are facing a landslide defeat in 2014 because of Obamacare. If Hillary is defeated now, the Democrats will be out of luck in 2016 too.

What do they brand Hillary with? Karl Rove is right.
You don't brand her with Monica Lewinsky or old Bill Clinton scandals. That's old news. The voters don't care about what happened in the 90's.

But I know exactly how to brand Hillary.

Do you remember her Congressional hearings over the Benghazi disaster? Hillary famously said, "What difference does it make?" Make her own that brand. "What difference does it make" should become Hillary's middle name.

Run "What difference does it make" advertisements on TV and radio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Repeat it so much that you can't say “Hillary,” without finishing the sentence with "What difference does it make?"

Start with the report by the State Department that $6 billion of your taxpayer money is unaccounted for. Almost all of that happened on Hillary’s watch. According to the U.S. Inspector General this situation “creates conditions conducive to fraud.” He says there were "no internal controls." Meaning no one cared what happened to $6 billion of your taxpayer money.

This is what Madison Ave. advertising executives call "pure gold." All the GOP has to do is run TV and radio ads 24 hours a day stating that $6 billion of your taxpayer money is missing. Who was in charge? Hillary. Who was the CEO? Hillary. Where does the buck stop? Hillary. Then show Hillary’s testimony saying, “What difference does it make?”

Next hit Hillary with a series of Benghazi-themed ads. Once again, Hillary was in charge. During the Benghazi attack the red phone rang at 2 AM, just like her 2008 Presidential campaign ads promised. The U.S. Embassy was under attack and Americans were about to die. Show Hillary saying, "What difference does it make?"

The branding campaign should ask, "Where was Hillary when the embassy desperately needed military rescue? Why did Hillary refuse to mount a rescue? Why did Hillary let those four brave heroes die?" If those boys were her sons, would she say, "What difference does it make?"

Don’t forget the cover-up. Hillary and everyone at the State Department knew it was a planned Al Qaeda attack, not a "spontaneous protest." A cover-up is a crime. Ask President Richard Nixon. The GOP ads should interview the parents of the four dead American heroes and ask them, "What difference does it make if Hillary participated in a cover-up of your son’s death?"

Then it’s time for round three. Hillary was in charge of America’s foreign policy when the world fell into chaos. Show scenes of the entire Middle East in flames. Tahrir Square burning in Cairo. Libya in flames. Syrian children laying dead in the streets. Venezuela’s leader laughing at us. North Korea negotiating with…Dennis Rodman. That all happened with Hillary as Secretary of State. Ask voters "What difference did Hillary make as Secretary of State?"

Then move on to round four- Obamacare. Millions of Americans have lost their insurance. Tens of millions have had their insurance premiums dramatically increased. The CBO predicts 2.3 million jobs will be lost. The middle class is being annihilated. Cancer patients are losing their health insurance, or their doctors, or the drugs that keep them alive. Ask, "What difference does it make?"

Ask Hillary where she stands on Obamacare? Does she support it? Does she want government to get even more intrusive? How intrusive? Like a proctologist with his finger up our…wallet? Let's ask America "What difference does it make, if government gets even more involved in healthcare under Hillary Clinton?"

Brand that all over national TV and radio now. That’s how you use branding to destroy Hillary's campaign before it even starts. That’s how you poison Hillary's brand.

Make Hillary run on her record of accomplishments- $6 billion missing on her watch; four dead American heroes; a criminal cover-up; the world in crisis, chaos and flames while she was in charge of foreign policy; the miserable failure of Obamacare- a mild version of the government takeover she proposed in the 1990’s; and the U.S. economy in severe decline under the leadership of an administration she endorsed and supported.

"What difference does it make?" Hillary is about to find out when it comes to the presidency, all the difference in the world.