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House Republicans Need to Go to War

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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

After days of voting, and an almost fight on the floor of the House, Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the House late Friday night.

Though it took 15 ballots, the fight and wait were worth it, as rule concessions made by McCarthy to conservatives will make this Congress different from any in the last decade – one that takes power away from the Speaker and gives it back to the People.


Now that the political infighting is over and the sausage is made, it's time for Republicans to unite with one cause and fight back against Joe Biden and his radical administration.

The GOP has promised to investigate Biden family corruption, the Border, Big Tech censorship collusion, the origins of Covid, the FBI and Intel Agencies' attack on the American people, and more.

It's time to hold them to those promises.

Here at Townhall, we won't let up on holding them accountable. We unapologetically fight back against the radical left and squishy RINOs in Congress who fail the people. We bring you the truth and go to war against Biden's woke, communist agenda.

But we need your help. By becoming a Townhall VIP, you can help us in this battle for our country.

Just look at the House Dems' leader Hakeem Jeffries. He's just another divisive, radical leftist, and his communist "Sesame Street" speech proves it.


If Republicans don't halt the Biden agenda and conservative media fails to hold them accountable, it could mean the end of our great country.

Join us in the fight. Become a Townhall VIP member today and use promo code SAVEAMERICA to receive a 40% discount on your membership.

Stand with us and fight to save America. We will never give up.

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