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Democratic, Republican committees refocus on healthcare

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The Republican National Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee both refocused their attention on healthcare Monday morning: The DCCC announced robocalls against vulnerable House Republicans on Medicare, while the RNC put out a memo sardonically titled "Happy Birthday, ObamaCare."


Healthcare is likely to reemerge as a major issue in the coming weeks: House Republicans plan to vote again on a budget that would include Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Wis.) plan to privatize Medicare, while Obama's signature policy achievement will face Supreme Court scrutiny.

The RNC memo argues that the law will hurt Obama in November, and lays out a series of polls showing the law is unpopular nationally. "As we move into the fall of 2012, what will be on the minds of voters, ObamaCare? No one bears more responsibility than Obama for his namesake law, and no one will bear more responsibility for the toll it's taking on Democrat incumbents and candidates," writes RNC political director Rick Wiley. "All this has got to give Obama a headache, and probably a tummy-ache too. Perhaps Joe Biden can find him an aspirin... if a bureaucrat somewhere approves of it."

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