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Tim Pawlenty neocon, Ron Paul anti-neocon; the great GOP clash

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The latest new Tim Pawlenty is the born-again neoconservative moving to the far right on warmaking issues, destined to clash with Ron Paul in the presidential debates. Actually, Pawlenty is not a born-again neocon. This is his first birth as warmaker in his latest version of Pawlenty. By contrast with Ron Paul, who has always been Ron Paul.

Pawlenty was last seen declaring war against ObamneyCare, a war Pawlenty surrendered before the first battle. What a wimp! The latest Pawlenty, after heading for the hills in his war against Romney, is now escalating his war for Afghanistan. His new neocon position directly contradicts the long-held position of Ron Paul, setting the stage for a huge clash in the coming debates.

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