We Are Divided

Posted: May 18, 2009 12:01 AM
We Are Divided

Editors' Note: Every month, Townhall Magazine highlights some of the outstanding blogs written by users in our community. The following is an entry from James at Biga's Rants and appears in the May issue of Townhall Magazine.

This country is divided. It is divided not by rich or poor, black or white. The division is in ideology. On one side there are people who think it is the government’s responsibility to provide for people’s wellbeing no matter their ability or desires; then there are others who believe in self-determination. I am of the latter.

It is not the government’s responsibility to provide me with health care. It is not the government’s responsibility to raise my children. It is not the government’s responsibility to get me a job. It is not the government’s responsibility to feed me or my family. It is not the government’s responsibility to give me a house. These are my responsibilities. I am responsible for myself and my family.

What I have obtained in my life is due to my actions or inactions, decisions or indecisions. My failures are my own; my successes are my own. It is no one else’s fault that I have failed more than I have succeeded. My support comes from my family.

If you want to know what is truly wrong with our society, look at the family unit. It has been raped and bastardized to the point where it can be taken over by the government. Tragically, people are more than happy to turn over this responsibility to the state.

Modern men are spineless cowards. They shirk responsibility and don’t ever question themselves. They have negated any kind of standard, decided to do whatever they will and blame others. Women are now raising children on their own, creating an environment in which a child does not experience a complete upbringing. It is acceptable to blame everyone else for one’s problems.

Billions of dollars go wasted every year supporting these people and their enablers. Leftists make fun of the “pick yourself up by the bootstraps” mentality. This is exactly what our society needs right now. There are too many people who accept sitting on their backsides receiving a check from the taxpayers’ coffers as legitimate. They blame everyone else. Had these people paid attention in school or had any work ethic, things would be different. Had they had parents instead of daycare providers, things would be different.

This country is divided. It is not going to come together any time soon. As long as people expect others to do things for them, this rift will continue. I refuse to give up my freedom because some knucklehead would rather someone else decide for him. To have liberty means that you face the consequences of—as well as reap the rewards of—your actions. Taking a check from the government makes you a slave.

Government-endorsed slavery was legislated away quite some time ago. Millions died in the fight against slavery only to have future generations willfully, proudly and with a smile on their face call the government “master.”