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Yes, the January 6th“insurrection” is real.

Oh, not the riotous behavior at the U.S. Capitol a year ago.  I mean the one today… January 6, 2022. When MSNBC, CNN, The Washington Post and other alleged “news” organizations make Third Reich propaganda queen Leni Reifenstahl look like a piker by comparison as they roll out hour after hour of hysterical, hand-wringing coverage of events last January. Nazi films like “Triumph of the Will” giving way to shaky cellphone images of the Q-Anon Shaman in that dumb Viking hat and ominous, Darth Vader music.


Not since the canonization of George Floyd and the alibis the media made for the violent riots and looting that followed (as if smashing store windows and grabbing 10 bags of Doritos somehow amounted to “social justice”) has more ridiculous, over-hyped coverage been ramped up for today’s “first anniversary of the worst assault on American democracy that ever occurred.”

But like mosquitoes drawn to an high-voltage electric bug-zapper, liberal media doofuses simply cannot help pulling back the curtain on their real agenda..which is—to quote our current ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel—to never let a good crisis go to waste. 

On Wednesday, for example, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program featured Maryland congressman Jamie Raskin being interviewed on his “harrowing” experience in the House Chamber…made all the more poignant because the riots happened one day after burying his son who had committed suicide (for which all parents like me grieve on his behalf.) But he quickly segued into how January 6thmust serve as a springboard for passage of Democrats “voting rights laws” (?) and he threw in a smarmy, personal attack on Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz just for good measure. Figures, since he was the lead “manager” of the failed second Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.  Oh, and Mika Brzezinki added to “please buy his new book.”


Speaking of Trump, the “nonpartisan” January 6thSelect Committee is now doling out subpoenas like candy corn at Morticia Addams house, including one for the cell phone records of former White House national security strategist Dr. Sebastian Gorka. (Full disclosure: Dr. Gorka hosts the nationally syndicated AMERICA FIRST talk show heard on the Salem Radio Network, of which I am Vice President.) But as he declared at Charlie Kirk’s AMERICA Fest gathering recently, “Nancy Pelosi has chosen the wrong enemy” and Gorka has since filed a lawsuit to block access to his private records.

However, the Left’s McCarthyism-style smearing of conservatives doesn’t stop with Gorka: at the request of “Republican” co-chair Liz Cheney the committee this week issued an invitation to FOX News host Sean Hannity to “voluntarily appear” before the committee and “answer questions” about his private communications with President Trump leading up to January 6, 2022.  I don’t personally know Sean Hannity (have met him a few times over the years at radio industry events) but my impression of Sean is that he’s about as likely to “voluntarily appear” before a Congressional kangaroo court as Liz Cheney is to be asked to play the Dowager Countess in the next “Downton Abby” film.


The simple fact is that from the “nonpartisan” Select Committee (featuring guest appearances by the aforementioned “GOP” co-chair Liz Cheney and her fellow RINO Adam “where’d my district go?” Kinzinger) to the many faux documentaries on the launching pad at CNN, MSNBC, ABC and others, today’s “one year anniversary” of the “insurrection” at the Capitol is little more than a thinly-disguised, multi million dollar  in-kind contribution to the Democratic National Committee in their non-stop Trump bashing. And yes, that’s the same DNC whose employees just voted overwhelmingly to unionize…raising the delicious spectacle that the party’s staff could go on strike and be walking picket lines during the upcoming Red Tsunami also known as our midterm elections.  Pure comedy gold:  the DNC is now the linear equivalent of baristas at Starbucks, since both have unionized and most of them also appear to have been in some kind of horrible fishing accidents.

All kidding aside, the absurdly over-the-top “news” coverage of today’s January 6thanniversary…coupled with Fifth Columnists in the world of “journalism” like George Stephanopoulos or Chuck Todd and weasels like Associated Press “White House correspondent” Jonathan Lemire, last seen on MSNBC shaking his head in disgust over “GOP opposition to voting rights”…is the dictionary definition of an insurrection.  Against the truth. And against the public’s right to unbiased, fair coverage of the news.


But of course that ship sailed years ago.  So TV viewers—and the literally dozens of Americans left who still read newspapers—can be fully confident that all day today…what they read and watch will be nothing more than anti-Trump brainwashing, perpetrated by dishonest and unethical organizations who bear no actual connection with the word “news.”   Pathetic, but true.

On the “plus” side:  only 306 days left until Midterms on November 8th.

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