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Let Your Movie Shine in the Darkness

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As Hollywood continues drifting further away from traditional values, a renaissance is underway: The resurgence of faith-based, family-friendly, and conservative values in media. We are witnessing a significant shift, a hunger for narratives that resonate with many Americans’ deeply held faith and values.


In the past few years, the success of faith-based movies like “God’s Not Dead” and “War Room” by the Kendrick Brothers broke barriers for the recent success of productions like “The Chosen” and “Jesus Revolution.”

However, the unexpected triumph of the movie “Sound of Freedom,” with its box office gross surpassing a staggering $160 million, underscores the yearning of Americans for content that aligns with their core principles.

As we celebrate this reawakening, we must recognize the significance of this moment and embrace the opportunities it presents for sharing our faith and convictions.

The faith that forms our values has always found expression through various forms of creativity. From the skilled artisans who crafted the Tabernacle according to God’s instructions, to the worship songs of the Psalms that guide our prayers, to the stories Jesus told to convey deeper truths, creativity is a powerful tool for sharing faith and deepening spiritual understanding.  

And there are world-renowned works by artists heavily inspired by their Christian faith, including Michelangelo’s painting and sculpture of the 1500s, Handel’s Messiah in 1741 and Beethoven’s compositions of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Even in the beauty of a church’s stained glass windows, depicting biblical stories through color and light, we find a testament to the visual power of storytelling. 


These examples show us that true art is more than just entertainment; it carries a message that can touch hearts and transform lives. “Sound of Freedom” does this by shedding light on the harrowing crisis of human trafficking

Yes, the movie entertains through gripping storytelling and exceptional performances, but it also educates and raises awareness about this dark issue plaguing our world. And this is where our faith values truly shine – when they inspire us to compassion and justice amid adversity.

We are witnessing a paradigm shift through movies like “Sound of Freedom.” No longer relegated to the sidelines, conservative values are taking center stage, counterbalancing the prevailing liberal agenda. This shift reflects the voices that have often felt marginalized but now resound loudly with messages of faith, family and freedom to an increasingly receptive audience. 

Yet, as we celebrate these successes, many more challenges lie ahead. The journey to bring “Sound of Freedom” to the screen was not easy; it took five years of perseverance and struggle. And as expected, the movie faced criticism from the left.  

Such opposition is a reminder that our efforts will not go unopposed. The left will push back, attack, and attempt to stifle our voices. But it also is a sign that the message is hitting its mark.


And there is much more on the horizon. For example, the fourth season of “The Chosen” just wrapped up filming (despite the writers’ and actors’ strikes). There’s also the growing success of The Great American Family network, which brings together stories, news and discussions to provide content that resonates with our values.

These are just a couple of cases within this growing movement. Every ticket purchased, book bought and show streamed is a vote for positive change in our culture. 

We are not merely spectators; we are active participants in shaping the narrative of our society. We must use our voices, resources and time to support content aligning with our beliefs. Together we can make a difference, one movie ticket at a time.


Timothy Head is the executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. 

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