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If you have ever suspected that leftist insiders in Washington see mainstream Americans as a bunch of ignorant rubes, Hillary Clinton’s comments to a fundraiser in New York on Friday evening should confirm your worst suspicions.


In a rare moment of candor, Clinton described half of Donald Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables,” and went on with the old, tired accusations of “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” and so on. Of course, the audience of leftist elites applauded, and her subsequent statement of regret was about as convincing as her FBI testimony.

Hillary Clinton, whose primary public accomplishment has been escaping a well-deserved indictment on multiple felonies, stood there boldly indicting the character of millions of voters who happen to disagree with her on policy issues. One begins to understand how the word “clintonian” became an adjective meaning “lying that is stunning in its audacity and scope.”

But let’s set the audacity aside for the moment and briefly consider the absurdity of lumping “homophobic” and “Islamophobic” in the same basket. It is bad enough that leftists label policy differences as mental disorders, but couldn’t they at least try to be consistent? Do liberals ever stop to consider that there might be potential conflicts between the LGBT movement’s agenda and the teachings of Islam? Do liberals actually think there are all-gender bathrooms in the local Islamic center?


Or do leftists see words less as vehicles for conveying ideas and more as rocks to throw at anyone who gets in the way of their agenda?

Either way, the far left’s condescending rhetoric about the rest of us is so overused that it risks becoming little more than an irritant, like background music in a big-box store. If Hillary Clinton wants to weigh in with further observations about Trump supporters, she might up her game a bit by mimicking the successful formula from Jeff Foxworthy’s classic “you might be a redneck” series. Of course, Foxworthy is funny and he likes the people he is teasing, but the formula would still work.

Here is a starter list for her consideration:

If you think the country is heading in the wrong direction, you might be deplorable to Hillary Clinton.

If you think the State Department should be run like a professional organization and not like a note-and-tote car lot, you might be deplorable to Hillary Clinton.

If you like your borders and your servers secure, you might be deplorable to Hillary Clinton.

If you think our immigration system should weed out people who despise America and might even want to kill Americans, you just might be deplorable to Hillary Clinton.


If you think that powerful elites who break the law should be treated the same as everyday Americans who break the law, you might be deplorable to Hillary Clinton.

If you suspect that, when Obama promised change, he really meant “chump change” for the middle class, you might be deplorable.

If you think it’s wrong to saddle our young people and their descendants with $20 trillion in debt, you might be deplorable.

If you value your firearms and trust your Bible, you might be deplorable to both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

If you think it’s racist to want America to be great again, you just might be deplorable to both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

If you think that everyone, regardless of race, wants to live in a safe and prosperous country, you might be deplorable.

If you don’t consider it a constitutional crisis for teenage boys and girls to have separate showers and locker rooms, you might be deplorable.

If you believe that all lives matter, you might be deplorable.

If you are offended by “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now!” you just might be deplorable.

If you think that the American government should put the interests of American citizens above the agenda of a globalist elite, you too might be deplorable.


If you think our veterans deserve better than waiting lists at the VA, you might be deplorable.

If you think our military should respond quickly and decisively when terrorists attack an American embassy, you might be deplorable.

If you wonder how politicians become multi-millionaires from years of “public service,” you might be deplorable.

Of course, the daily news provides rich material, and the list could go on. But this starter list might provide some insight into who these “deplorables” really are, and why Donald Trump is speaking for Americans who have been ignored and demeaned by Washington insiders for so long.

In fact, if you are one of the people thinking that Washington isn’t working any longer and desperately needs a new approach, then #YouMightBeDeplorable.

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