Is There a Communication Problem with Gas Companies?

Posted: Oct 15, 2014 12:01 AM
Is There a Communication Problem with Gas Companies?

Callers to our Powering America radio show get us thinking. It helps connect us with what’s on your mind. What issues you have questions about.

A gentleman from California inquired about why the oil and gas industry, collectively, doesn’t do more to tell the American public what its intentions are. Tell the voting public (the caller’s words) what the industry is doing to lower fuel prices.

Couple thoughts. One, the oil and gas industry has nothing to do with the price of oil and gas, per se. Supply and demand does, and the industry has certainly been doing its share to increase supply, of late. Thus, inquiring about the “industry’s intentions” regarding price is not as directly valid as asking what companies plan to do if prices continue to tank. Will drilling rigs come down? Will workers temporarily lose their jobs? Will the boom turn to bust? And if so, might the sharp increase in supply slow down, thus ultimately impacting price in the opposite direction?

Obviously, the “industry” is comprised of thousands of individual companies, each with their own unique business plans. The American Petroleum Institute, and a few other similar organizations certainly do their part to educate, but it’s not wide-spread.

As far as that’s concerned, we here at Powering America whole heartedly concur! That’s why we’re doing what we do every day, and is why we’re writing the column in It’s why Chris Faulkner travels extensively, meeting with leaders around the world and positioning Breitling Energy on the forefront of this conversation. We’re excited about this revolution that has handed America the opportunity to return to its greatness as a world leader. We are now producing more crude and condensate than Saudi Arabia. Did you ever think you’d hear those words again in your life? We have over two centuries of natural gas at our disposal. We can begin exporting again, and truly participate in the global commerce of energy. And, we can generate enough of our own fuel that if it came to it, we could be self-sustaining on what we generate here at home.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of that sends chills down my spine. I still enjoy a good old-fashioned 4th of July parade, and my heart swells every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner. What we need more than ever are true leaders who have not bought into a manipulated political system, who can bring this country around again. I feel like it’s 1980 deja vu, but unfortunately don’t see any Ronald Reagans stepping onto the political stage. Without leadership, our energy boom could be snuffed out in Washington, D.C. without a shot. Believe me, the underpinnings of it are well in place.

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