Stop, Start or Please Do Nothing!

Posted: Mar 24, 2014 12:01 AM

When some blame the GOP for being a "Do Nothing" Congress," they might first look at the hundreds of laws passed by the House that the Democrat-controlled-Senate refuses to even consider. But in some ways, the "Do Nothing" label is a badge of honor. Conservatives want government to do less and to free citizens to do more. The Left wants more government intervention, more regulations, and more special entitlements. President Obama promises to use his pen; many wish a conservative Congress could wield a targeted eraser! Here's my Stop/Start list for Washington.

Stop throwing good money after bad in a union-controlled educational system that protects poor teachers, wastes money on bureaucracy, and underperforms when compared to our global competitors. Like Sweden's successful voucher program, start giving every American family with children vouchers for them to use in the school of their choice. When parents choose, good schools and teachers will be rewarded and poor teachers will have an opportunity to find another career.

Stop trying to pass an omnibus immigration law that lets people who came into our country illegally move to the head of the line to become American citizens. Start honoring, helping, and welcoming the many skilled immigrants who have waited years and invested thousands to legally become American citizens. Ensure a secure border, establish work visas for people to work legally, and pathways to citizenship that start at the back of the line.

Stop calling Tea Party Americans who want smaller government, balanced budgets, and a return to the Constitution extremists instead of the patriots they are. Instead of imposing political correctness, start celebrating freedom of speech and the true diversity of opinion that makes America strong.

Stop making it easier for voter fraud. Start treating the right to vote as the responsibility and privilege it is. It's not unreasonable or un-American to require a voter to show personal identification to vote when you need a driver's license to cash a check, get on a plane, or buy alcohol. If you're not responsible enough to secure approved identification, can you be expected to make an informed vote? Voting is not only a right; it's a responsibility.

Stop getting in the way of our energy independence which forces us to send our money to Middle Eastern oil producers and the terrorists in their midst. Start freeing American energy companies to make us 100% energy independent while securing good paying jobs to thousands of Americans.

Stop collecting more from taxpayers than any nation in recorded history and claiming it's OK to spend billions of dollars more than we take in every year. Stop the automatic increases and start balancing the budget like we've had to do. Nothing inspires innovation and responsible spending like a balanced budget. Require zero-based budgeting; make departments justify spending or cut their budgets every year. It's time we cut off Washington's credit abuse.

Stop singling out one class of Americans to pay the bill for big government's "charity" entitlements. Only in America could the rich citizens pay 86% of all income taxes be accused of not paying their "fair share" by citizens who don't pay any income taxes at all. Start requiring a flat tax for every American worker with a tax credit to protect the truly poor. If Americans want more government entitlements, make sure everyone helps pay for them.

Finally, stop dividing Americans by demanding special treatment for different races, genders, or groups. Start treating us the same, and let us play by the same rules. E Pluribus Unum--out of many one. "We the People" were promised life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...not special treatment. We've been given the gift of living in this great country. Let us play the game of life and know the challenge and satisfaction of earning our own victories AND defeats and letting local communities, charities, and families support those who truly need help. People help best when government helps less!