What, Me Negotiate? The President's Way or the Highway

Posted: Oct 07, 2013 12:05 AM

President Obama seems comfortable negotiating with President Assad in Syria, President Putin in Russia, and President Rouhani, the newly elected "moderate" from Iran. As Ben Rhodes, Obama's deputy national security advisor, has said, "We're always open to diplomacy if we believe it will advance our objectives." The president talks of "trust but verify," but he's open to meeting our enemies halfway.

President Obama campaigned on bringing a "bipartisanship" to Washington, but looking for a 2014 mid-term election edge, the triumvirate of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi have sent a clear message. There's NO NEGOTIATION with the GOP over the budget, Obamacare or the deficit impasse in the face of deficit limit "blackmail!" In spite of the House's Constitutional mandate to manage the purse springs, it's the President's way or the highway!

When has President Obama "negotiated" with Republicans? A bipartisan House group, meeting in secret to craft a comprehensive immigration bill, has collapsed. It boils down to trust and President Obama's poor track record in enforcing laws that are passed. Republican Reps. John Carter and Sam Johnson explained: "The administration's practice of handpicking what parts of laws they wish to enforce has irrevocably damaged our efforts to fixing our broken immigration system. If past actions are the best indicators of future behavior, we know that any measure depending on the president's enforcement will not be faithfully executed."

President Obama hates any thought of delaying or negotiating changes to the Affordable Care Act with the GOP but has no trouble making changes by executive order. Without even requesting Congressional support, he's provided waivers for some companies and subsidies for politicians and their staffs. He's arbitrarily postponed until 2015 the law’s employer mandate that requires businesses with 50 or more employees to provide their workers with health insurance or pay a fine.

Now, when faced with a House-passed CR that funds government but requires politicians and their staff to live under Obamacare and delays the law’s individual mandate, Democrats have refused to budge! Normal citizens like you don't count enough for a waiver or delay.

So who should you blame? Blame the GOP for standing firm on requiring minimal changes that will end special treatment for politicians and give you the same delay that businesses have received. Blame President Obama and the Democrats for irresponsible deficit spending and passing an unworkable, unaffordable healthcare act. The shutdown is a result of the GOP saying NO to reckless spending by an "imperial" president and his Democratic colleagues who are saying NO to any negotiation or responsible compromise.

"Essential" services have continued during the "shutdown." But if some services are "non-essential," why not stop them permanently? Americans would soon let you know the services they actually miss; those services could be funded. Even if the deficit limit is not increased, the government can still spend what it takes in. Let Washington make the tough budget choices you have to make--What's essential and what's not.

The mainstream media and liberal politicians will say the GOP is "holding the country hostage" and allowing "tea party anarchists" to control this irresponsible "extortion." But read for yourself what the GOP is now demanding? They want Washington to play by the same rules and to give you the same mandate delay Obama has given to small businesses.

The GOP has failed to defund or derail Obamacare. Welcome to Obama's healthcare "transformation." When you can't get a doctor's appointment, when your medical insurance costs and co-payments become unaffordable, and when the quality of care takes a turn for the worse, remember President Barack Obama has worked his will without any GOP negotiation.

If the Affordable Care Act should be honored as "settled law," it's time to finally honor the Budget Control Act of 2011 by forcing Washington to live within its means. It's time to get serious about our debt before we further burden future generations with a debt they can't pay.

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