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People are tempted to blur moral lines when it comes to feel-good things like immigration. Last year, President Obama wanted us to support his views so desperately he pulled the Christianity card out of his back pocket, attempting to tie a moral equivalent to his immigration policies and the Mary and Joseph story. Obama's version included a made-up scripture: "The good book says don't throw stones in glass houses" and a couple other choice misquotes.

It would be swell to allow every Tom, Dick or Harry into the U.S., or any Mohamud, Osman, and Abil -- in the case of the recent brutal murder of a Portland, Maine man named Freddy Akoa, who was allegedly beaten to death by three Muslim immigrants. While the Portland police did not divulge a motive, as of this writing, the Portland Press Herald reports a bloodstained Bible was found next to the victims' head.

Meanwhile in other news, in mid-August an Uzbek refugee was convicted of three terrorism-related charges in Idaho for supporting a terrorist organization and gathering explosives to carry out an attack in the U.S. from his Boise apartment. In May, television station WUSA-9 reported a West African refugee was sentenced to ten years in prison for attempted rape of a woman -- just nine days after his feet touched American soil.

Currently, President Obama's nonsensical United Nations Refugee Resettlement Program grants permanent legal residency to almost 70,000 immigrants each year. You'd think after injecting Christianity into the immigration issue Obama's program would grant refuge to persecuted minorities running for their lives, like the 27 Chaldean Christians who've been locked up in an ICE detention center in California for six months now. But, oh no.

The administration seems a wee bit biased these days. WND.com reports at least 90 percent of immigrant refuges thus far are Muslim. Muslims from jihad nations. With no vetting. Expecting a positive outcome from dropping massive amounts of mostly Muslim, non-English speaking, non-vetted refugees into any town the administration pleases is a fool's errand at best and a national security threat of epic proportion.

President Obama's ignoring his biggest priority - protecting us. Before you go all "Jesus-y" on me to shame me for my views, I wonder how many of you lock your doors at night to protect your family from intruders and look through the peephole before you open the door. It's no different. The Bible says the "strangers and aliens" we are to care for should be legal, obeying the laws of the land. And they should graciously assimilate into the communities which welcome them.

We've had almost 50 cases where Muslim immigrants exited the U.S. to join terrorist groups like ISIS in Syria and al-Shabab in Somalia. Back in February, an FBI counter-terrorism top official, Michael Steinback, testified before a House Homeland Security committee admitting the U.S. is unable to vet Syrian refugees for terrorism connections.

The Obama administration approved 5,000 to 8,000 more Syrian refugees to immigrate here in 2016 despite the fact that back in June, Norwegian officials discovered several of the refuges seeking asylum in Norway under the same UN program were linked to terrorist groups. Fact is, ISIS promised to smuggle fighters into Europe and elsewhere disguised as refugees. During that Homeland Security hearing, Steinback said he's "concerned" that bringing Syrian refugees poses a clear and present danger to Americans admitting, "We don't have it under control."

So what might Jesus do, you ask? I don't know. I can tell you what I'd do. I'd probably kick around a few tables for twisting scriptures out of context and maybe call a few government officials "vipers" for betraying their oath to protect Americans. Or maybe I'd offer a trade like President Obama did for Bowe Bergdahl. Five anti-American progressives for one vetted immigrant.

Or, maybe I'd vote for Donald Trump... if he'd prove he's a conservative. But that might be a stretch.

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