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High Time for a Little Conservative, Christian, Patriotic Justice

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Anyone with vision at all can see the mess our country is in today. For many of us of a certain age, it is almost too unbelievable to be real. In too many instances, big corporate America is part of the problem, not the solution. Hypocritically, big corporate America helps divide our country, interfering with the unity needed for the resolution of serious problems. 

I would like to see a poll on big corporate America right now and suspect it wouldn’t fare too well. Too many companies concerned about the social issue of the day, conveniently patriotic with issues like COVID-19, and so transparently opportunistic. Good press equals good profits too, hmm. Not just content to make a bundle of money, these politically-correct entities attempt to influence and interfere in our lives, using big money and efforts favoring only some Americans and some politically-charged causes and groups. 

They no longer represent America, our Constitution, or our God-given rights, as some did in times past. They only represent the greed of some Americans. Foreign-owned companies, with a presence in our country, act in a similar manner to influence policies and outcomes favorable to their socialist and liberal political views and aspirations.  

I suspect none of these companies ever completed a cost-benefit analysis regarding potential conservative, Christian, and genuine American patriots’ alienation, because that large segment of the population is pretty much ignored. Behavior by some of these corporations reminds me more of that of a lady of the evening than that of Betsy Ross. 

For people with financial resources, buying stock in companies of their liking is possible, but most are hostage stakeholders, trapped by a company’s inclusion in a 401K or other employer plan. Small shareholders have small opportunities to influence a company’s direction. These corporations’ leaders love our money, just not our values, ideas, or politics, taking positions and making decisions that we find both discriminatory and offensive.

The past situation with the NFL should have been a wake-up call to corporate America. Foolishly, the NFL itself quickly forgot this lesson and returned to wimpy behavior, similar to that which turned off so many football-loving Americans. These Americans will continue to speak through leaders representing them, like President Trump and non-PC religious leaders. Increasingly, they will act through the power of the purse and the ballot box. Spending by many is already more discriminatory because of China’s dire danger to the U.S. 

American justice must apply equally to every American citizen. Corporate America, conservatives, Christians, and patriots are demanding theirs from you, too. Right now!  

Susan E. Gingrich is a freelance writer and Christian, conservative activist residing in Loudon, TN. She is a sister of former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich.

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