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Last year, Planned Parenthood committed nearly 330,000 abortions, received almost $500,000,000 in taxpayer subsidies, and started a texting campaign so that girls as young as 14 can interact with the abortion provider and receive propaganda from the same. And that was just in the United States. The latest news is that Planned Parenthood is now thinking large, and hopes to bring their existing international abortion services up to par with what they’ve done in the U.S.

In other words, they’re pursuing death on an even grander scale. What a worthy pursuit.

And it appears Africa will be ground zero for this new growth. There, between now and 2015, Planned Parenthood hopes to increase their “abortion services” by 82 percent. In hard numbers, such an increase will mean more than 212,000 “services” by 2013 and nearly 274,000 by 2015.

To be fair, Paul Bell, of International Planned Parenthood Federation, is quick to point out that these figures aren’t intended to be a raw indicator of the number of abortions that will be performed in Africa. Instead, he contends that the “numbers seen in relation to abortion services include post abortion care services following unsafe abortion, counseling services related to abortion, post-abortion family planning services and safe abortion services, including medical and surgical abortions.”

(It’s hard not to notice how many different times and in how many different contexts Bell used the word “abortion” to assure us that the new Africa numbers aren’t about “abortion,” per se. And do you wonder, like I do, why Planned Parenthood needs to offer “counseling services related to abortion” if it’s a “simple medical procedure” as they insist it is? I don’t remember being “counseled” after my colonoscopy.)

In other portions of Planned Parenthood’s “Strategic Plan” for broadening the international reach of their scalpels and their propaganda machine, there are specific numbers on the increases the abortion provider hopes to see in family planning by 2015 as well. The two crucial numbers here are the 68 percent increase in the number of “new users” of family planning services and the 64 percent increase in the overall volume of planning services.

Here it’s important to note that the “Strategic Plan” which so frequently mentions family planning and abortion, but isn’t meant to give the impression of increase in abortions per se, doesn’t mention “abstinence” or “adoption” even once. And to be honest, this makes it look like a common-sense approach to avoiding pregnancy (abstinence) or choosing to see a pregnancy to term and allowing another couple to raise the child (adoption) aren’t going to rank very high in the “family planning” Africans are going to receive.

Abortion has killed sixteen million African-Americans in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade, by many accounts. No matter how one slices it, Planned Parenthood’s goal of matching that record overseas is ignoble at best, blood thirsty at worst, and it portends the cultivation of a culture of death in Africa like the one that the abortion mammoth long ago began perpetrating in the U.S.

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