Rubbish: Emails Don’t Get Lost

Posted: Jun 16, 2014 12:01 AM

Emails don't get "lost." Any government official who claims it is a lying abuser. Any reporter who doesn't mock and expose is a presstitute. There needs to be a 21st century version of tar and feathers to humiliate these scoundrels.

Laura Ingraham reportedly stated on air that not a single national Tea Party group actively helped David Brat in his underdog win over Eric Cantor.

If accurate, it's huge and important. It means this isn't a particular victory for the Tea Party. Rather, it's a vote by the general Republican base of no confidence in the direction of national GOP leadership. The party elites don't have a Tea Party problem; they have a main street voter problem and need to get back to constitutional foundations and limited government.

As Mr. Brat reportedly said: "The problem with Republican principles is no one is actually following them."

What do citizens do when the government persecutes dissenters; the culpable villains "lose" the evidence emails; and the media yawns.

Serious question. How do patriots engage and hold their government accountable? Is there a peaceful way? Or not?

Maybe we shouldn't have occupied and tried to restructure Iraq. I'm open to that view. But we did do that. And then, hopeful, brave Iraqi leaders tried to improve their homeland by cooperating with the US.

Tragically, shamefully, they are now being beheaded, tortured, and slaughtered because President Obama decided the way to "end the Iraq war with honor" was to withdraw as fast as possible.

And ignorant Americans voted to reelect him while he boasted that peace is breaking out in the Middle East; war and extremism are on the retreat. He kept frothing those lies even after the murder of his ambassador in the country he had acted to destabilize.

"The IRS told Congress Friday it cannot locate many of Lois Lerner's emails prior to 2011 because her computer crashed during the summer of that year."

Her computer crashed? There's no ISP with a digital trail? No IRS servers? No NSA black hole data? America, if we tolerate these hacks, we deserve what they'll do to us. But how do we untolerate?

Barack Obama, 2012: A new day is dawning in the Middle East. Peace is expanding. War is retreating. Extremism and Al Qaeda are on the path to defeat!

American media: Amen, Saint Barack! Shut up, mean Mitt with your 1980s world view!

How's reality working out, American voter?

French unions and taxi drivers protest against Uber. Uber usage in France skyrockets. Wow. France? There may be hope for human freedom.

The more discredited liberalism's results, both foreign and domestic, the more furiously the media labors to delegitimize conservative opposition to liberal positions.

We live in a massive asylum and the PA system is run by the worst cases

Lots of friends are exultant, but I'm still uneasy about California's ruling that teacher tenure is unconstitutional.

Judges suddenly discovering longstanding policy is barred by the Constitution is usually the wrong way for important policy change to happen in a system of representative self-government. Judges don’t get to just declare bad policy unconstitutional unless there’s a clear violation of a Constitutional rule.

The president wants to take policy where he never told Americans he meant to go, and where 535 elected representative lawmakers don't agree to go.

So he declares the system broken and says he'll do it anyway. America, if you don't smell the erosion of your Constitution, your liberties, and the structure that has made you the richest, most powerful, most stable nation ever known to earth, you deserve what he wants to give you, good and hard.

Obama's FDA was about to come down hard on craft cheeses. (Have you heard of any casualties from wood-aged cheese?)

America laughed (sort of...I think it was more a growl) so the statist little monsters backed off.

America, this is sort of petty, but don't you see what this tyrant is doing? He wants the federal government to control every damn thing that we don't chase them off of.

"We hold these truths to be self evident. That the national government should be able to decree the way that cheese makers make cheese. And that if the people rise up in incredulous ridicule, then the national government should back down like the coward tyrants they are."

Actually, no. These aren't the truths we laid our lives and sacred honor on the line for. And if this is the best you all can do, we are reevaluating our sacrifices while we spin in our graves.

Obama is lawlessly and maliciously pumping Mexican children into Arizona. I hope Jan Brewer puts them on a bus with fare to Washington DC.

Hillary! Famous; accomplished nada. Perfect for today's America.

If a novelist wrote about a head of state doing as much to damage his nation as Obama has done to America, while keeping the support of its media and half its population, the writer would either be derided as silly, or as plagiarizing 1984.