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Democrats, wary of being seen in the same state, much less the same room as their baggage-laden leader, Obama, received a welcome respite this weekend from accused rapist and former President Bill Clinton, who was out campaigning for them. Clinton, who was credibly accused of raping Juanita Broderick, apparently wields much greater star power among Democrats these days than does Obama.


It was just back in the early days of this year that Bill Clinton addressed the entire Democratic caucus on Capital Hill to discuss the then post-Scott Brown-election-stalled tax and regulation package known as the “health insurance reform bill.” [Having failed spectacularly during his own presidency to pass an even less ambitious package of socialist engineering – and having been prescribed penicillin regularly for much of a half century -- Clinton is widely regarded in the mainstream media as a “health care expert”] He focused not on the merits of the bill – in fact, he said the details were unimportant – but on the politics of NOT passing anything. That, he said, would be the killer: being perceived as a “do nothing Congress.” His subsequent advice to Democrats – pass it now, fix it later if you must -- came with an ominous prediction: don’t pass it, and you’ll face a tough reelection bid this Fall. Imagine. Like many a Clinton audience before them, these Democrats failed to discern the hidden message Bill was really sending: this is my long-term plan to reclaim relevance!


It is strange to see Democrats trot out a man who was not only accused of rape, but who sold national security secrets to Communist China, contributed substantially to the mortgage crisis, erected the information wall between the FBI and the CIA – that many credit with America’s inability to predict or prevent the terrorist attacks of 911 – and cheated on his income taxes when he and his wife were rich, to attack regular Americans who have been compelled to run for office. Khalid Sheik Mohammed must have turned them down.

"And of course they got the wrestling federation lady in Connecticut and the witchcraft lady in Delaware and, I tell you, so far they’ve gathered up about everybody for this Tea Party but the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland. I’ll give it to them" Clinton said in his standard disingenuous fashion at a fundraising event. Of course, that was hardly the first time that Clinton has verbally assaulted the Tea Partiers; a year ago he used the nastier sexual slur, “tea baggers”, in referring to Americans who deign to exercise their First Amendment rights in public. Not too surprising coming from a bona fide scumbagger like Bill Clinton.


The way Democrats are attacking Christine O’Donnell for a tardy mortgage payment, you’d be excused for thinking Barbara Boxer is a Republican; the Democrats and their propaganda team, also known as the mainstream media, are hoping you don’t recall that Boxer wrote 143 bad checks on the House of Representatives bank, while a member of congress. Is it possible that Democrats are suggesting that O’Donnell’s personal finances are too pristine to serve in the US Senate?

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