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Like a snowball that’s turned into an avalanche, the restoration of the rights and liberties millions of Americans, particularly those in blue states, lost over the past 14 months seems to be unstoppable at this point. Indeed, the precipitous fall of Covidstan has happened quicker and in more places than any of us could have possibly predicted even three weeks ago. We’ve got a long way to go, particularly with schools, workplaces, and public transportation, but I never imagined that restrictions and mask mandates would end in places like New York, Connecticut, and Virginia anytime before 2022, but thankfully, here we are. 


That’s good news we should all celebrate heartily, but if you think this sudden relinquishing of unconstitutional governmental power has anything to do with our overlords’ sudden, Damascus-road-like grasp of ‘science,’ I’ve got an autographed picture of Gretchen Whitmer at a mask burning to sell you. From the CDC’s constant mixed messaging to Dr. Anthony Fauci finally admitting that he was wearing a mask after being vaccinated only for show after indignantly denying it to Sen. Rand Paul just weeks earlier, any attempt to portray these blubbering fools as anything short of utterly incompetent or pure evil is going to fall on deaf ears with me.

No, they’ve loosened their iron grip on forced public masking, not because they ever “followed the science” (LOL), but because WE forced them to do so. And by “we,” I’m talking about a pretty big tent. If you at any point during this charade pushed back by refusing to comply, speaking out in some capacity against local or state authorities, or even engaging in the information war by telling the truth to those in your circle of influence, however small or large that might be, YOU had a role in winning this battle. 

How do I know this? Because if the powers-that-be felt they could have credibly hung onto forced masking and continued to get unquestioning obedience by the vast majority of the public, they would have held onto it indefinitely. How do I know THAT? Well, take a gander at what’s going on in Europe. Refuse to don a face diaper outside alone in Germany, for example, and the police are likely to tackle you. It’s hard-core fascism in countless places across the globe, with no end in sight.


Instead, here in the good ole’ USA, we had this wonderful thing called federalism that allowed for states like Florida, Tennessee, Nebraska, and South Dakota to decline to follow the sheep herd over the proverbial cliff. And in so doing, we poked so many holes in the ‘non-pharmaceutical interventions like masking and lockdowns work!’ narrative that there was no way to keep the truth muzzled (see what I did there?). How different would the U.S. look with a locked-down Florida, for example, a place that turned out to be our highest-profile example that COVID fascism isn’t just unjustly tyrannical, it’s not even medically necessary to protect the public? What if no other state had had the power to make their own decisions in this regard? Would America look like Canada, the U.K, or Germany?

Not only did federalism save us this time around, but federalism also will play a key role in making sure something like the clown show we’ve experienced over the past 14 months NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. Thankfully, many are doing it already. Efforts are underway in at least a dozen states to roll back the seemingly limitless powers granted to governors during a crisis. Last week, voters in Pennsylvania decisively stripped Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf of the emergency powers he took advantage of to shut down his state. A law passed in Florida earlier this month is designed to ensure future governors don’t, in the words of Gov. Ron DeSantis, “seize power” during a future “emergency.” Iowa passed a bill, signed into law last week by Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, that banned any future mask mandates in all state schools, cities, and counties. 


Short of something akin to the Black Death, closing businesses, determining which workers are “essential” and which are not, and lockdowns should never be viable options in any free society. Forcing people, especially children, to breathe and speak through a piece of cloth has never been nor should ever be considered 'normal,' and any attempts to pass off any sort of dystopian 'new normal' as an acceptable version of the old should be rebuffed at all costs. Under no circumstances should the healthy be quarantined or restricted by government again in the name of ‘public health.’

We have won a battle, but we are far from winning the war. The system is still in the process of using COVID-19 to implement goals it never dreamed it could accomplish so soon, and even as this virus fades, there will always be another health scare on the horizon. And rest assured, when respiratory virus season hits again in the Fall and we experience any sort of COVID spike, they’re bound to keep peddling the same useless nonsense they’ve been pushing this whole time. When they do, do not give them ONE INCH. Take some time to celebrate, sure, but keep your proverbial powder very, very dry. In all our efforts going forward, our mantra should be NEVER, EVER AGAIN.

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