The Mask Cult Shrieks in Agony as Iowa Passes the Strongest Anti-Mask Law on the Books

Posted: May 21, 2021 1:30 PM
The Mask Cult Shrieks in Agony as Iowa Passes the Strongest Anti-Mask Law on the Books

Source: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

The mask cult suffered a stinging blow on Thursday when Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed the toughest anti-mask law yet, and they aren't happy about it. 

The law, passed by the state House 53-35 and the Senate 29-17 as a part of a more comprehensive education bill, bans cities, counties, and school districts from imposing mask requirements for COVID-19 or any future health emergency, the Des Moines Register reported.

It took effect immediately.

Via the Register:

Republicans voted down an amendment Democrats proposed that would have limited the mask mandate prohibitions to the COVID-19 pandemic. Another failed Democratic amendment would have allowed the Iowa Department of Public Health and local boards of health to enact mask wearing or safety measures to address local public health issues.

According to the legislation, school boards and superintendents cannot require employees, students or members of the public to wear a facial covering while on the property of a public or accredited private school. Exceptions include when facial coverings are necessary for an "extracurricular or instructional purpose" or required by existing portions of Iowa law governing ear and eye protection. (Des Moines Register)

In other words, Republican lawmakers ensured that Iowans will retain the right to breathe freely even when the next over-hyped health "emergency" comes along. And believe me, it will. Now that public officials and health bureaucrats have gotten a taste of power, you can bet they'll latch on to whatever comes next to grab even more of it. Masks are, after all, a "small inconvenience" to them, an easy measure to impose regardless of proof of whether or not they actually WORK.

As expected, the passage of a law like this, that preserves an essential freedom for ordinary citizens, was bound to get plenty of pushback from the Branch Covidians, and this one did NOT disappoint.

Des Moines infectious disease Dr. Rossana Rosa, who has been critical of Reynolds' pandemic response, said the law makes no sense to help people cope with public health during the COVID-19 pandemic or others threats that may arise.  Coronaviruses like the one that causes COVID spread through community interactions, and masks primarily protect other people, not the person wearing it.

"This is a contagious virus, a social virus that moves throughout our community," Rosa said. "What happens to one individual is actually linked to what happens to other people in the community. ... This is completely wrong. It is so wrong, so unscientific to say that (this is about individuals). It just shows you the willful ignorance of those who put this into law." ( Des Moines Register)

Critics abounded on Twitter as well:

So yeah, the fear is real. But is it based on facts or media propaganda? You decide.