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The Appalling Double-Standard of the Leftist Media’s Anti-Asian Hate Crime Coverage

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AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

In the Brave New Intersectional World our leftist overlords have created and rule over with an iron fist (with virtually all the power), white males, the ones they unironically claim have all the “power,” are the only group capable of committing a “hate” crime. So you’ll be forgiven for thinking, in the wake of the horrific Atlanta shootings by a white man who took the lives of six people of Asian descent, that white guys are committing all of the hate-motivated violence against Asian-Americans that the media has been all-of-a-sudden focusing on since the Atlanta shooting.


If this crime had been perpetrated by anyone but a white male, other than the predictable calls for gun control, would we still be hearing about it? Of course not, but he was, and we are - because, well, there’s a leftist narrative to drive. That narrative contends that since former President Donald Trump often pointed out the origins of the coronavirus and since Trump and his supporters (most of whom are white) are eeevil raaacists, it logically follows that they would be the ones attacking Asian people willy-nilly. You know, because they’re such uneducated, ignorant rubes that they think individual Asians they encounter in the street are somehow personally responsible for the goings-on in Wuhan and they must have their revenge.

Nevermind, of course, that the shooter has personally stated that his sex addiction drove him to his crimes, that two of the victims were white, or that all of the victims worked in an industry that fits what the attacker said was his motive. Oh no, apparently now the new narrative is that white defendants, especially this one, aren’t allowed to tell us what their motivations were, even though real hate criminals tend to not be shy about making their motivations crystal clear.

“African-Americans have to pay for what they've done,” Dylann Roof, the Charleston church murderer, wrote in a journal after his arrest. Robert Bowers, the Tree of Life Synagogue killer, made no bones about his antisemitism, accusing Jews of committing “genocide” against whites. El Paso shooter Patrick Wood Crusius openly said he wanted to “kill Mexicans” and wrote an entire manifesto about it. I could go on and on, but you get the picture.


Yet, in a staggering op-ed for The Hill titled “Asian Americans are the latest victims of white supremacy,” DePaul University professor Tom Mockaitis insists the Atlanta shootings “may have been racially motivated” because, well, “racism and misogyny are often linked.”

“The Atlanta murders fit an all-too familiar pattern. An individual unaffiliated with any group becomes radicalized and lashes out at marginalized people,” Mockaitis writes before going on to list several other white-perpetrated hate crimes ... against blacks, against Jews, against Mexicans, but none against Asians. His headline referred to Asian-Americans as “victims,” but only of white supremacy, not of the actual perpetrators, who in the majority of recent cases happen to be oh-so-inconveniently non-white.

Still, it’s hard to go wrong these days by just blaming racism anyway. MSNBC writer Hayes Brown, even after acknowledging investigators’ account of the defendant’s stated motivation, nevertheless insisted the crime was “still about race and power structures, even as his direct motivation was overwhelming misogyny.”

In a piece last month, before the Atlanta shooting, cautioning against the automatic labeling of crimes against Asians as hate-motivated, NBC’s Kimmy Yam wrote this astonishing paragraph: “While anti-Asian sentiment has risen markedly during the coronavirus pandemic, experts say it's important to evaluate each case individually. They said both defendants and victims deserve a fair, rather than a public, trial no matter what race they may be. They emphasize that that's particularly important if suspects are of color in the context of a justice system that hasn't been proven to be colorblind.”


Without directly pointing it out, because that would be politically incorrect and not fit the desired narrative at all, Yam tacitly acknowledges what anyone with half a brain who is capable of looking at a surveillance video can tell - most if not all of these crimes against Asians aren’t being perpetrated by white Trump supporters. Sure, this writer gave a nod to colorblindness, but the overarching leftist narrative is becoming clearer every day. When the perpetrator is a minority, we’ve got to have muted media, fair trials, no rushes to judgment, but when a white person commits a crime against someone of another race, it’s automatically labeled a hate crime and, presumably, that defendant must somehow now prove they were NOT motivated by hate. If this way of thinking isn’t the grim foundations of a dystopian, two-tiered justice system, I don’t know what is.

Until the media had a white perpetrator they could pigeon-hole into their narrative, even if strained, Asian-American activists were literally begging the media to pay attention to the rash of violence against their people brought on by suspects who didn’t fit the preferred talking points, like the 23-year-old man from Yemen who plunged a knife into the back of a Chinese man walking home near Manhattan.

Which brings up the real question: Is that Chinese man’s life less deserving of protection than those of the Atlanta salon workers? Because if the left’s hate-narrative holds up, his attacker, had he succeeded, would get a lighter sentence than the Atlanta shooter. Of course, that’s the whole problem with the absurdity that is hate crime law. Other than as it relates to obtaining a conviction or acquittal, why should it matter in the end what a criminal suspect was thinking when they committed a crime? Is the victim any less injured or dead?


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