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The transgender community is apparently very concerned about being kind. It’s so focused on kindness it’s become something of a movement, with a robust cottage industry springing-up around it. Entrepreneurs are selling all manner of products urging everyone to “Be Kind.” 


Be Kind Merch, sells tee shirts, hats, face masks, mouse pads, buttons and more exhorting us to Be Kind. Red Bubble sells large Be Kind pet blankets for $31.91. If you don’t have 32 bucks, you can buy it on an installment plan with four interest-free payments of $7.98. The ‘Just Be Kind’ trans pride tee shirt costs $24 but it’s currently sold out so it must be popular.

 It’s not just small companies telling us to Be Kind. Sportswear maker Nike, which sells sport bras manufactured with the cancer-linked chemical BPA, also instructed its customers to Be Kind. Perhaps Nike could support these trans-ally entrepreneurs by purchasing their merchandise and sending it to the Uyghur slaves working in Chinese shoe factories so they can Be Kind to their communist masters. 

But before shipping this stuff to China, they might consider sending some to Helena, Montana, where angry trans-allies violently disrupted proceedings at the capitol on Monday. Seven possibly-not-very-kind people were arrested after participating in what looked more like an insurrection than a constitutionally protected assembly for redress of grievances. 

I saw no Be Kind attire at the near-riot at the Tennessee statehouse last month so they too might benefit from this reminder. Same with Oklahoma City, where the capitol was swarmed by a furious mob of transgender activists who seemed less interested in kindness than subverting the legislative process. 


There is no news coverage of Twitter removing Be Kind tweets but the Associated Press reports that Twitter took down more than 5,000 tweets about the Trans Day of Vengeance because Twitter does not support messages that “incite violence.” Unsurprisingly, Audrey Hale was not wearing a Be Kind tee shirt while murdering three children and three staff at Nashville’s Covenant School March 27.

But never mind all this. Today’s woke definition of unkindness involves noticing reality. If you notice that a man is a man and not something else, that’s unkind. If you notice that men do not have a “right” to expose themselves to 14-year-old girls in their locker room, that’s unkind too. It’s also unkind to notice that people who fervently believe they’re something they’re not need treatment for a clinical delusion. 

It is not unkind to notice reality or recognize truth. When somebody claims that “trans women are women,” that is false. When somebody else says, “men cannot change into women,” that is true. Differentiating between fact and fantasy used to be normal but common sense is now controversial. 

Among the many problems with transgender ideology, perhaps the most insidious is that it requires dishonesty. While there are some people who have a genuine clinical condition by which their biological sex is inconsistent with their chromosomal sex, most of the LGBTQ activism today is entirely dependent on dishonesty.


There are many secular philosophical reasons to be honest but there are biblical reasons too. Being honest is so fundamental to Christianity, it was spoken by God to Moses when He commanded, “You shall not bear false witness.” 

The Book of Proverbs, a collection of wisdom from King Solomon and others, is also instructive. One verse advises, “Whoever speaks the truth gives honest evidence, but a false witness utters deceit.” Later in Proverbs, the author notices, “A dishonest man spreads strife, and a whisperer separates close friends.” Proverbs has many other passages on honesty as well. 

Writing to the church in Colossae, the apostle Paul instructed believers, “Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices.” The old self is a reference to people’s lives before adopting Christianity. 

But in the minds of American Leftists, the only way to Be Kind is to dishonestly affirm transgender ideology. They demand we deny what is written in the Bible, and the teachings of Jesus Christ and his apostles, by being deceitful. Those browbeating us into agreeing with the lies of the LGBTQ agenda are not likely to Be Kind to those who believe that truth matters and wish simply to abide by biblical precepts. 


It’s probably unkind to postulate that the Be Kind movement cares very little about kindness and much more about imposing its beliefs on people by intimidating them into obeying the tenets of transgender ideology. In support of this hypothesis, try dropping the term “Trans Day of Kindness” into Google and see what happens. 

People who believe in transgender ideology are free to masquerade as something they are not. But dictating another’s faith is totalitarian. That’s what fuels the Be Kind movement and it’s a frau

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