Scott Garrett

Scott Garrett
Expecting Taxpayers to Foot the Bill for Massive Housing Program Is No Solution
By Scott Garrett
Last week, the House considered a massive housing bailout bill. This legislation would force our nation’s hardworking taxpayers to ...
May 10, 2008
The Democrat’s PEPFAR Goes Too Far
By Scott Garrett
This week, the House Foreign Affairs Committee is expected to address the Democrats proposal for the President’s “Emergency Plan ...
February 26, 2008
Lessons to be Learned
By Scott Garrett
For the survivors of the tragic bridge collapse in Minnesota and for the families and friends of those who perished ...
August 24, 2007
This Entitlement Will Sink Us
By Scott Garrett
The U.S. House of Representatives last week approved a $160 billion entitlement explosion, a $53 billion tax hike, relaxed rules ...
August 07, 2007
Supporting our Service Members
By Scott Garrett
The men and women who wear the uniform sacrifice their lives, comfort, and safety to fight for the continued security ...
July 06, 2007
Earmark Reform: A Victory for Taxpayers
By Scott Garrett
House Republicans have been working hard to fight for the American taxpayer. As you may know, we recently stood ...
June 26, 2007
Defense spending accountability: Smarter for taxpayers, safer for troops
By Scott Garrett
Last week, I was sorely disappointed that the House of Representatives failed to pass the most commonsense of bills ...
December 15, 2006
United Nations’ Credibility on the Line
By Scott Garrett
On July 12th, Hezbollah guerillas killed three Israeli soldiers and kidnapped another two, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev. All the ...
October 03, 2006
Keeping American Ports Secure: Good News on the Homeland Security Front
By Scott Garrett
The people I represent in the Fifth District of New Jersey remember all too well the events of September 11, ...
September 14, 2006
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