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The Cost of Todd Akin's Ambition

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Congressman Todd Akin claims refusing to step down from the Missouri Senate race is his way of taking a stand to “strengthen our country… standing on a principle of what America is.” But Akin claims heroism where only self-preservation exists.

Clinging to this race may recklessly put at risk the nation and all the principles conservatives hold dear. By clinging to this seat, Akin may actually cost lives rather than saving them. Conservatives who still support his candidacy must remember how rabidly anti-life President Obama is…from cradle to grave. With the race so close, the smallest incident can tip the scales in either direction. And Congressman Akin’s awkward words were a potential brick load.

Control of the Senate may rest on a conservative Senator from Missouri. With Akin's lead gone at this writing, and money drying up for him while pouring in for Senator Claire McCaskill from enraged feminists, winning will be an uphill battle. If the Left maintains control of the Senate, America can count on at least two nightmare picks for the Supreme Court, the inability to stop Obamacare, and more massive spending.

Akin can say all he wants that he’s standing on principle, but when pummeled for his comments on “legitimate rape” coupled with his inept analysis of the way women’s bodies respond, he chose not to clarify but to apologize. “I’m sorry…please forgive me” doesn’t sound courageous. It sounds like equivocation.

Congressman Akin has been a strong pro-life conservative for many years. We can be grateful for his service and still determine his inability to articulate as a fatal flaw.

Some conservatives have responded as though this were solely a battle with the establishment. While it’s true Karl Rove, John McCain and others said belittling things about Congressman Akin, it doesn’t make them wrong on the need to replace him. Conservatives seem to be confusing animus with the establishment with what’s right and what’s all wrong with this picture. Many seem to believe supporting Akin means defending Life, when supporting him for this seat may cause us to go backwards on the issue. We can love and appreciate Akin and still believe he should step aside. Whomever is chosen for the seat will certainly be pro-life. Missourians would not abide anything else.

Already Akin’s incident has caused the light of scrutiny to shine brightly on a very strong and strategic plank of the Republican Party. This plank allows for abortion only for the life of the mother, but once the anti-life press turns its sights on it, may fall to a lesser version. In fact Akin’s insistence on staying may force Romney to address it when his silence would have been preferable.

It will make it much harder for pro-life politicians to stay committed to protecting life in difficult cases if Akin stays in the race. The pressure may become so great, many may fold in order to survive.

For the first time in months, the base has rallied with excitement at the selection of a strong pro-life, pro-family, fiscally conservative VP. If Akin remains, the torpedoes aimed at him will also hit Paul Ryan and may mortally wound him for the race ahead. One has only to remember Sarah Palin, destroyed by what she wore and what she didn’t read. If Akin steps aside, Ryan will have dodged a potentially lethal attack.

Staying in the race will likely cost the Senate and perhaps the White House. Akin should call a press conference and read a carefully worded statement explaining what he has failed to explain so far: that all life is sacred and killing an innocent baby resulting from rape is yet another act of violence that will potentially hurt the woman in even deeper ways. A new life has the potential to bring healing while violently taking that life most certainly will not. He should explain that pro-lifers around the country regularly come to the aid of such women offering comfort and care and medical help and adoption through crisis pregnancy centers.

He should stop apologizing and explain himself…and then step aside. If he doesn’t do that, Akin’s pride will ultimately cost unborn lives, not save them.

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