A Voice in the Wilderness

Posted: Mar 28, 2008 4:41 PM
A Voice in the Wilderness

Many years before I came to this earth someone said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself". I do believe that was F.D.R.. Although I wasn't around to see if it helped, I did read that it certainly didn't hurt. We really need another voice to speak now as we are in a "lack of confidence in our credit markets mode" unseen in decades. Whether you think it is important or not, to end this I will tell you it is extremely important. As important as almost any incident that has come up in recent times. Failure to end this crisis can have lasting effects for decades to come and can cost all of us unforeseen amounts of money. And realistically all we need is a voice!

Someone of stature who can rise above the fray, with a calming voice and a background steeped in experience and honesty, can save the day. This person needn't have the plan that will turn the credit markets from losses to profits, nor stop the foreclosures in this country in a matter of a month or two, just simply a vision and a voice that we can grasp and realize that better times can be achieved, with some hard work, in the near future.

A voice that doesn't assign blame, nor add to the worries of the day, but one that helps us understand what is going on and how we can move forward to end the crisis without additional collateral damage. This person shall carry the title of "statesman", something we so sorely need at this time.

Every day we have the figures brought to our attention such as " there are almost as many foreclosures as there as sales" in such and such area. When these statements are made pundits jump to the conclusion, and generally a negative one, that things are only getting worse. Where are those who can say something other than "the free market will work out its own problems". The statement may be true but it isn't uplifting and you don't have the crowd rallying behind this.

People in all walks of life need to know that the problems they face aren't insurmountable or they are liable to give up before they start trying to fight back. We need a statesman to both recognize the problems and encourage the solution. I may be wrong but I hear nothing but silence!

It is going to be hard to get the credit market back on its feet when lenders don't want to lend because of fears that they may be throwing their money away once again on unwise situations. And with nobody championing the other side it is always going to look bad.

The voice I am looking for is one that doesn't just sound good, but one with enormous credentials, long years of experience and isn't looking to a radical solution or result. The voice that I believe we need is a businessman, or banker or any other professional who has steered his enterprise through many hardships and was successful in bringing his group through the tough times.

Let he or she stand up and be counted. Whether it is one person or ten, now is the time to speak up. Our nation and the free world could use a voice that could restore confidence and bring back an orderly free market that seems to be going under for the count.

At least that is how I see it.