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AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

If you remember 1976, you recall "the Bicentennial Minute" that taught a moment's worth of American history each night on CBS, the story of how and why our nation began on July 4, 1776.


 "And the rockets' red glare, The bombs bursting in the air. Gave proof through the night. That our flag was still there." We should always be reminded that the reason why we have lived with so much freedom was because the men of 1776 were willing to fight and die in a revolution. 

Those are facts. 

But an anti-American elite promoting globalism (and foreign entanglements) regularly lies to us, saying America actually "began" in 1619, when African slaves arrived in the English colony of Virginia. Note, Virginia was an English colony. They were not the first slaves on the continent: the Spanish had been bringing slaves to the Americas for a century at that point. 

America as an independent nation and idea free of Old World entanglements, which has attracted new immigrants every day ever since it began in 1776.

The American Revolution began in 1775, but it was colonists fighting for rights until 1776 when our founders said, "No, we're done with foreign powers pulling our strings. We are starting a whole new nation and way of life right here, right now."

That should be an obvious undisputed fact, but the Trump administration needed a 1776 commission to remind us of that fact, and the anti-American Biden administration says, "we like following the bidding of foreign powers because they pay our family and friends a lot of money." 


So, Team Biden immediately dismantled the 1776 commission, deleting its website to promote their "America is racist, borders are racist, let's instead be citizens of the new globalist order" agenda.

But we must also remember that our message of freedom (challenged today more than ever) carried out from our spirits of independence won the day.

The true American legacy stands alone as a beacon of light to a world that has yet to fully come to terms with the notion of freedom. A freedom that is fought for in every generation, even when challenged by war, pandemic, and now the poison of foreign ideology. 

For most of the first 200 years of American freedom, our fights were mainly for maintaining independence in the War 1812 and the healing to become a more perfect union, in the Civil War, along with the protection from rising tyranny with World War Empires.

But we would be remiss in thinking that our modern enemies came through a foreign invasion but rather more like spies allowed in under the dark of night to spread propaganda in our schools and colleges in the name of a coming global vision better and more promising than our great nation.

Old Marxist ideologies determined to sever our legacy from our hearts and minds, and the memories of the battles during the great days of July 4, 1776. A need to tear down our statues as reminders of our great accomplishments, in favor of a Statism Utopia with a Messiah. 


Our enemies are weak, some are hurt and want vindication. Although they would merely be a surface nuisance if their only means of sporting their messages came via mailings by pony express, now even a view radical voices can poison the river through a mass media.

Today it would take a Paul Revere warning, "the Marxists are coming, the Marxists are coming." Our spilling of tea in the Boston Harbor would now be the spilling of ink in the media today. We need to dump the "We like China because they send us money and cheap stuff" media overboard and have them washed out to sea.

Secondly, the control of the British over the Americans came via their control over trade and goods, and taxation. The globalists in control of their Empire could determine how Americans bought and sold their goods. Again, that's why the tea was dumped into Boston Harbor.

No longer the Divine King, these are now the High Tech Companies that control our channels of trade, modes of propaganda in the media, and also the politicians who determine the taxation.

So this 4th of July do not think of our battle for Revolution to be one of the past, but one in a series of battles against tyranny through trade, and public opinion that must be overthrown each generation. Ben Franklin's own son (the Hunter Biden of his time) was making his fortune from Britain (the China of its day) and fled to Canada with the other "pro empire, one world order crowd." 


No dark forces in direct conflict could defeat our American heritage then or now, but our own lack of awareness, vigilance, and readiness, might leave an opening for new forms of invasions (perhaps in Cyber, or in biowarfare) fired in the dark of night.

Until then, our message of American freedom to the rest of the world (a world that continues to attract immigrants from all over) and those who newly arrive remains, "O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave."

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