Richard H. Collins

Richard H. Collins
Next JFK Or No Way?
By Richard H. Collins
Is Senator Barack Obama the next John F. Kennedy or Richard Nixon?  This may seem like an odd question given ...
July 28, 2008
Big Speeches, Few Answers
By Richard H. Collins
Barack Obama is running on a platform of Hope and Change™ but the only clear change seems to be in ...
July 19, 2008
Don't Fear the Smear
By Richard H. Collins
In responding to criticisms Obama has developed a pattern: his policies spring from only the purist of motives and are, ...
June 26, 2008
The Audacity of Abandonment
By Richard H. Collins
If I were a supporter of Barack Obama I would be nervous. Why? Is it his inexperience, his ...
June 19, 2008
Carter's Second Coming?
By Richard H. Collins
Barack Obama may be the political equivalent of a rock star with his huge crowds and his celebrity endorsements, but ...
June 13, 2008
The Road to Hell is Paved With Democrats
By Richard H. Collins
So the general election has begun. Oh sure, Hillary hasn’t formally dropped out yet and neither party has had ...
June 04, 2008
The Next Battle
By Richard H. Collins
The Democratic Presidential Primary has moved into surreal territory. Last Tuesday, Hillary Clinton won a landslide victory in West ...
May 15, 2008
Who Will Stop the Madness!
By Richard H. Collins
While Hillary Clinton was giving her “victory” speech last night in Indiana her winning margin was shrinking. By the ...
May 07, 2008
Will the Train Wreck Prevail?
By Richard H. Collins
If there is one thing the Clintons know how to do, it is survive. Last night’s win in Pennsylvania ...
April 23, 2008
Who Are You Willing To Believe?
By Richard H. Collins
Wednesday’s Democratic debate forced Hillary Clinton into yet another lie. No, this wasn’t one of her serial exaggerations about ...
April 17, 2008
Hillary's Inconvenient Truth
By Richard H. Collins
The recent release of Hillary Clinton’s White House schedules has reignited the debate surrounding her presidential experience. What the ...
March 27, 2008
Truly a Scorched Earth
By Richard H. Collins
Democrats have to be asking themselves how they got to this point. Hopes of a quick and ...
March 16, 2008
The Case Against Sen. Hillary Clinton, If You Didn't Already Know
By Richard H. Collins
Many Republicans were cheered by Hillary Clinton’s victories this past Tuesday. Rush Limbaugh had even recommended that Republicans cross ...
March 06, 2008
Hillary's Go-Round With Obama
By Richard H. Collins
Tuesday night may have been the last time Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would face off in a debate this ...
February 28, 2008
The Lone Star Showdown
By Richard H. Collins
Everyone, with the possible exception of Mark Penn, must realize that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is hanging on the precipice. ...
February 20, 2008
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