Culture Challenge of the Week: Loss of Freedom

Posted: May 15, 2014 9:32 AM
Culture Challenge of the Week: Loss of Freedom

Under the extremely liberal and near socialist reign of President Obama, it is easy to blame America’s drifting away from its founding principles on Democrats. But the truth of the matter is that both parties are at fault and have lost their way- especially the Republican Party.

You can see the evidence of the loss of American values and freedom everywhere. We have become a “nanny state” marked by big government and outrageously high taxes. And both parties are contributing to the problem. Expansive government growth and control of the market place occurred under the leadership of Republicans before the Obama era at a rate so fast it boggles the mind. And although Obama and team have America now moving at lightning speed toward financial ruin, the current Republican establishment has America headed to the same destination, albeit at a slower rate. But the truth is, if you are headed to ruin, you are headed to ruin. What does it matter if you are on a rocket headed to hell or a train if you end up in the same place?

I have to give the Democrats and liberals credit—at least they openly admit that they want that big government and those high taxes. The Republican Party, on the other hand, as Richard Viguerie points out in his brilliant new book, "Takeover", claims to represent freedom principles and ideas, but is making government bigger at a steady pace.

The Grand Old Party has been hijacked by progressive, As a result, many Americans correctly view the Republican Party as a bunch of old guys who complain about the government a lot, but who offer no solutions other than a watered-down versions of the same thing the Democrats are offering.

Because the Republican Party has been hijacked, it is a party at war with itself, and it is self-destructing. Viguerie argues that you can’t beat the liberal Democrats in elections and turn our country back around until the Republican Party is saved. He is right.

As Viguerie writes in "Takeover":

“We’ve been focused on defeating the liberal, Big Government democrats, when the first, and most important, roadblock to our goal of governing America according to conservative principles is the progressive, Big Government Republicans.”

“Until we conservatives control the Republican Party and nominate conservative candidates who will actually fight for and govern according to the conservative principles the party stand for, there will be no coherent alternative to the Democrats’ Big Government worldview presented to the voters, and little likelihood that we conservatives will achieve our goal of governing America according to conservative principles.”

How to Save Your Family: Promote Freedom

As one of the founders of the modern conservative movement in America, a great political strategist, and a man of complete integrity and kindness, Mr. Vigueire's voice needs to be heard. He provides the solution much better than I could summarize, so I will use his words to outline the path forward. Here are some of his most pointed statements:

“the greatest impediment to conservative governance is not the Democrats and liberals—it is the progressive leadership of the Big Government Republican establishment in the halls of Congress, state houses, and at Republican Headquarters, especially at the Republican National Committee.”

“If we are to save what makes America exceptional, we the people—grassroots conservatives—must lead.”

We must get “limited-government constitutional conservatives to become involved in their local Republican Party organization and, ultimately, to become the leaders of the Republican Party at the local, state, and national levels.”

Mr. Viguerie's major point is this: If you value freedom, you need to get involved in politics, even if—no, ESPECIALLY if—you hate politics. This includes voting only for true conservatives, and if there are no true conservative running for office, fill in the gap, or motivate others to do the same.

He also reveals a shocking truth about how the Republican Party is run, which is actually a reason to hope for a better party in the near future, with your help:

“Half of the Republican precinct committeeman slots, on average, in 2008, in every state, were vacant. And the currently filled slots are split about fifty-fifty between conservatives and “Republicans In Name Only” (RINOs).”

He went on to ask, “What if conservatives could fill up all the vacant slots?” Remember, “Precinct committeeman is a volunteer position. You put into it the effort you can and want. Some will do more, some less. But, even if you put in only two or so hours a month, you will be making a real difference, especially in light of the fact that you will be eligible to vote for your local party leaders.“

Mr. Viguerie goes on to encourage us: “The more conservatives who become precinct committeemen, the more conservative the party, and its candidates, will become. The Party again might appear to the voters to offer a clear choice from the Democrat Party, rather than an echo of it. “

Get a copy of Richard Viguerie’s book, Takeover, The 100-Year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win it. The chapter titled Viguerie’s Planoutlines specific goals, strategies and tactics to help individuals like you change the face of America.

For inspiration, further help and to order a copy of the book, go to You can also instantly download a free e-book by Richard and his friend and legal strategist, Mark Fitzgibbons entitled, "The Law that Governs Government". It's a quick read and is a terrific primer to read while awaiting for your copy of "Takeover" to arrive.

America's direction can be changed - but only with your help.