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Karl Rove's message is clear in the wake of his losing battle to protect his establishment power: Anyone who dares to challenge the Good 'Ole Boys Club will be punished - even if it means handing a senate seat to a liberal democrat.

In the wake of Rove's diatribe against Christine O'Donnell, the Republican party leaders scrambled and may be supporting her after all. We'll see how - and if - they actually do it.

But Rove's remarks after O'Donnell's upset victory over moderate-to-liberal Castle made it painfully clear that the GOP establishment first and foremost seeks to protect and preserve the GOP establishment at any cost. There has never been a more effective or more hungry power broker in Washington, DC than Karl Rove - and the rising tide of red-blooded Americans like the tea party activists and Christine O'Donnell have revealed what many have come to believe for a long time: The power brokers want to run the country. They want to protect their power. They think they are omnipotent and omniscient. And they will damn anyone who dares to challenge them.

There are two things that must be defeated in November: Big government advocates and power hungry operatives - no matter which party they fall into. Sadly, many Republican incumbents and long-time strategists fall into both camps.

The Christine O'Donnell/tea party phenomenon is an uprising of the people. Karl Rove still doesn't get it. He thinks the war is about Republicans versus Democrats. What he still fails to see is that the war is over anyone in the Good 'Ole Boys Club that believes they are the ultimate king-makers; that they get to run the country because they want to; that they are smarter than everyone else. That only they deserve to hold the reins of power over all of our lives. And, of course, it is also fundamentally about failed liberal, unconstitutional, big-government wolves - no matter what party clothing they wear.

So it took Christine 12 years to pay off her college debt. Welcome to the real world, Karl. You may be a person of personal privilege and wealth, but most Americans are not. Millions of students will spend years and years paying off college loans because that's the only way they could have gone to college in the first place. Wake up and see America, Karl.

So you want to make an issue out of the fact that the IRS went after Christine - but you fail to mention, oops, that the IRS later admitted they had made an error. Welcome to the real world, Karl. Countless decent Americans are hounded by the IRS every year. Have you forgotten the painful congressional testimonies several years ago by honest, hard-working Americans who were nearly destroyed by mistakes of the Internal Revenue Service? Or did you never really care?

Americans are sick and tired of the big government programs that you advocate. We haven't forgotten that you were the "architect" of the Medicare?aMedicaid expansion that saw the biggest government growth in decades and that is now strangling all of us and threatens to totally bankrupt this great country. We haven't forgotten that you and Teddy Kennedy's staff were the "architects" of the proposed massive amnesty for illegal immigrants program, that, thank God, failed.

You say Christine O'Donnell and her like aren't going to win in November, because you don't want them to win. You have shown that your true intent is to hang on to power - to keep the here-to-now impenetrable establishment party system from being invaded by those you think are unworthy. Yes, you have advocated some very good policies, Karl. But it seems now that you are more concerned with protecting your "system" than you are with protecting the Constitution or the system of government that our Founding Fathers designed. Quite frankly, their architecture is superior to yours.

I've got big news: the Good 'Ole Boys on both sides of the aisle are going down. The red-blooded, hard-working Americans of both parties have had enough. We want our government back. We want our financial freedoms restored. As you seek to destroy Christine O'Donnell and the tea party movement across the country, it's time to realize that your era is over. Yes, you still control the establishment purse strings, and you and your cronies have now made it very difficult for Christine and others like her across the country to win. But win we must. Because America belongs to the people - not to a handful of back-slapping, "architects" who care more about their kingdoms than they do about liberty.

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