Calvin Coolidge: The Anti-Obama

Posted: Sep 18, 2013 12:01 AM
Calvin Coolidge: The Anti-Obama

Maybe we should start asking “where’s America’s next Calvin Coolidge?” Amity Shlaes joined the program to discuss the unique conservative nature of Coolidge.

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Show Prep:

Amity Shlaes talks to John about the Presidency of Calvin Coolidge:

What’s Right with Ransom:

Big Three:

Number Three:

Somehow the conversation about the looming debt ceiling has gotten somewhat lost. . . Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, however, seems less than optimistic about the negotiations. (Bloomberg)

Number Two:

New inflation numbers are out. . . They show a 0.1 % increase (not including food, energy, or anything else that actually impacts the consumer’s spending habits). Mike McKee, however, weighs in that the Fed actually uses their own number anyway: (Bloomberg)

Number One:

Kelly Evans on CNBC accidently reported on Obama’s stewardship of “two economies.”. . . Wall Street, and Main Street. (CNBC)

Ok. . . Did you get that? Kelly is actually suggesting that the President look at appointing someone who will manipulate fed policy to accomplish POLITICAL goals. . . Is this another new mandate for the Fed?

Other News:

Want to know what happened in Benghazi? Yeah. . . So do the rest of us. The Administration is working hard to keep witnesses silent. (FreeBeacon)

The Media started right up blaming the gun – not the person – for yesterday’s tragedy. Could we just grieve for a minute or two first, Feinstein? (DailyCaller)

Oh, wait. . . There is more. The DC Mayor is blaming sequester cuts. (Washington Post)

And. . . Heaven forbid the President reschedule his speech to a more appropriate time. (FoxNews)

The full program, from start to finish, for your educational benefit: