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Vladimir Lenin once proclaimed, “Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are.” Perhaps in this day of Russian hoax hysteria, quoting a devout socialist dictator may seem a bit, unnecessarily dramatic. But even as a blind squirrel will find the occasional nut, old Vlad had an insightful and, as it turns, prescient point. After all, if you work in a sewer, you will smell like sewage. If you ride in cars with drug dealers, you may, fairly or not, be called a drug runner.


This realization is, in this current political climate, proving as valuable now as it did in post-Tsarist Russia. Democrats, much to the delight of Republicans everywhere, are becoming almost exclusively known as the party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar. 

In a recent "60 Minutes" interview with Lesley Stahl, House Speaker and Democrat stalwart Nancy Pelosi tried to dismiss, or at least downplay, the influence of her party’s new firebrands.  But has that sentiment been bought, believed, or even echoed by anyone in the DNC? Or by the public?

Broadly speaking, this country is divided into thirds. Conservative, liberal, and independent. Naturally, conservatives will, by and large, oppose anyone from the extreme left. Liberals will oppose anyone from the right. The fight for American political control rests with 34% of Americans that reside in the center, unaffiliated with either party or extreme. That is the battle each party must strive to win if they have any hopes of controlling the House, the Senate, or, the greatest prize, the White House. 

AOC, Tlaib, and Omar are the greatest weapons a party can deploy to win those centrist Americans so needed to be successful. Fortunately for conservatives everywhere and President Trump’s re-election, and to the detriment of Nancy Pelosi’s House majority, they are not weapons used wisely by Democrats. 


Every time one of these mental samurais speaks, one can feel the seismic shift in the 40 House seats Trump won in 2016 but elected a Democrat to Congress in ’18. Every time the aforementioned whiz kids of the leftist class rear their heads, Trump’s 304 Electoral Votes looks like a Patriot’s half-time score before Tom Brady enters the game.

But Conservatives should embrace these three upstarts come 2020. Instead of countless dollars spent on political consulting and messaging, run a clip of AOC declaring “unemployment is so low because everyone has two jobs.” Rent airtime, playing on a continuous loop, of how she can work to ensure a living wage for all, despite her recent declaration that her $174,000 Congressional salary is not enough for her to live on.

AOC’s failures are not limited to her clear problems with math and economics. Take her recent statements on race and immigration (which is only racist to a confirmed racist). She is a legislator who publicly declared concentration camps exist on our southern border. That’s right, she did liken our taking families destined for life on the streets, in bus stations, or under bridges, to the world’s greatest evil ever seen marching human beings into camps for the sole purpose of extermination, of murder. Perhaps history and logic were not her best subjects either.

But, since racism has been AOC’s lifeblood since her notoriously hateful, racist campaign for Congress, it should have surprised no one when she recently declared that the planting of cauliflower in urban gardens is a modern form of racist colonialism. Republicans need this woman in front of a camera.  On every station in middle America.


But the left’s inevitable downfall is not limited simply to its brilliant idea to extol demonstrably failed leftist policies in a center-right nation. No, they need to add Tlaib, Omar, and their endless anti-Semitic diatribes to the mix. Omar, who has almost a psychological need to eradicate not only Israel but also the age-old expression “Minnesota Nice”. True, not every smiling public face is a sweetheart down below, but a person who appears fundamentally incapable of basic decency is a person the Republican National Committee should make sure every independent voter in America is intimately familiar with. Play a clip in those 40 Trump voting House districts of Omar’s lamentation that ISIS and al Qaeda are not mentioned with the same reverence as the U.S. Army. Feel the results.

Finally, Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib needs to be included in any GOP campaign material. From her “warm” feelings about the Holocaust (since walked back), to her seeming inability to discuss any political topic without injecting race, to her now infamous declaration to her young son that she wants to “Impeach the motherfu---!!” People in the center need to see this ad nauseam.

Conservatives may not like this new, what Laura Ingraham might call, Triumvirate of Idiocy, that has taken the left by storm, but one certainty remains. The center, the more they see of these three, will flock to nearly any candidate that does not align with them. “Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are.”


The key to winning the White House and Congress is winning the center. The key to winning the center is making sure every voter sees AOC, Tlaib, and Omar, and see them a lot. 

Conservative need to send AOC, Tlaib, and Omar a gift basket.  Along with a coupon for unlimited airtime, nationally.

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