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Another anniversary of the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks has just passed by with the nation in solemn remembrance and the families of victims still grieving. My father, James Michael Roux, was on United Airlines Flight 175, the second plane to hit the world trade centers. Having grown up without a father, I understand the personal cost of being complacent when dealing with radical Islamic terrorism. This is why I want to raise some worrying statistics from the Pew Research Center and how we should respond to the epidemic of these radical beliefs. 

Ben Shapiro released a short video titled 'The Myth of the Tiny Radical Muslim Minority' in which he cites Pew Research regarding the beliefs of Muslims in various countries around the world. I will pull out some of the most worrying statistics that really stick out.

In Egypt, a country with 80 million Muslims, 70% of the Muslims in this country have mixed to positive views of Osama Bin Laden, the man who masterminded the 9/11 attacks that murdered my father and 3,000 of our fellow countrymen in cold blood. In the geographical area that makes up what is considered by its inhabitants to be the nation of Palestine, where 4.3 million Muslims reside, 78% have mixed to positive views of Bin laden.

Another incredibly eye opening statistic is that out of the 4.7 million Muslims in France, a Western country, 45% believe suicide bombings can sometimes be justified. Furthermore in Turkey, a nation that is a NATO ally and that we are associated with, of the 74.4 million Muslims that live there 32% believe that honor killings of women can sometimes be justified. I should mention here that Turkey is often heralded as a moderate Muslim country. 

The statistics for the rest of the countries the world over from Jordan to Nigeria paint a picture of large numbers across the board in support of the strict implementation of sharia law, the honor killings of women, and mixed to positive views of Bin Laden. The prevalence of these very radical beliefs in global Islamic culture needs to be a wake up call for the West and the United States of America.

Again these are not right wing talking points, this is based on Pew research. We can not allow large numbers of 'refugees' into Western countries, especially when the overwhelming majority are young fighting age males. The current havoc that is being caused by these immigrants in European cities is not right wing propaganda but rather documented cases that can be independently researched and verified. The new years eve gang assaults on women in Cologne, for example, can be looked up and verified by German police reports. 

These radical beliefs are far too prevalent and as such it is not a matter of compassion in the least, it is a matter of national security. I don't want my fellow countrymen to pay the price of complacency that I and the other 9/11 families have. 

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